65th Wedding Anniversary Ideas

Don’t know what to get your loved one for your anniversary? Check out our top 65th wedding anniversary ideas today.

By Shira Telushkin

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After 65 years together, there’s a lot to celebrate. The 65th wedding anniversary has come to be associated with sapphires, which symbolize loyalty, wisdom, and inner peace. This anniversary is often an intimate celebration, focusing on the devotion of the couple to one another, and marked with close family and friends.

Whether you’re looking to celebrate your own 65th wedding anniversary or the 65th wedding anniversary of parents, grandparents, or friends, there are many wonderful ways to mark this occasion. Read on to discover our top 65th wedding anniversary ideas from the Zola team.


Sapphire -- Jewelry gifts are classic and thoughtful at any anniversary, but for the 65th wedding anniversary, sapphire—which is a beautiful, deep blue gemstone—is especially meaningful. Gifts for women may include rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings, while men may appreciate cufflinks, tie pins, or pendants. For couples where both partners wear rings, matching sapphire rings can be an especially dazzling option.

Flowers -- For the 65th anniversary, one option is to send an arrangement of blue flowers, such as hydrangeas, forget-me-nots, or anything accented with delphiniums. Blue flowers are very striking, and the color evokes the loyalty and peacefulness associated with the milestone. Your local florist can also suggest blue flowers that are in season.

Matching Tattoos -- This might seem unorthodox, but some couples celebrating their 65th wedding anniversary like to get matching tattoos to mark the occasion. Even couples that might have frowned on tattoos in their earlier years of marriage sometimes suddenly find themselves amenable to the idea. The tattoos can be meaningful, incorporate quotes or images, or just be a simple set of puzzle pieces that fit together. People of all ages can get tattoos, and tattoo artists will suggest which parts of the body are most suited to older skin. These are often small, discrete gestures of permanence to match the permanence of 65 years together.

Collect a Book of Letters -- When celebrating the 65th anniversary of a happy couple, another way to mark the occasion is by collecting a book of letters from their families and friends celebrating their marriage.

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Organize a Family Game of Questions -- For families celebrating the 65th anniversary of a couple, one party game can be to collect 65 questions about the couple’s life together. Have relatives write down questions, such as “How did you two meet?” or “Who said ‘I love you’ first?” and then put all the questions in a large bowl. The questions should be in good fun, and should ask about joyful moments in the couples’ history. Throughout the night, members can pick out questions at random to ask the couple, and learn more about their own family history.

Plan a Trip to a Location With a Special History -- The 65th wedding anniversary is about indulging in meaningful memories! Couples can head to a spot that holds special meaning for them. This can be the first town where they lived after their wedding, the area where one of them grew up, or even a local park where they had a memorable date. For couples less up for traveling, they can go through pictures of this special place.

Create a Photo Album or Scrapbook -- Create a photo album that has a photograph from every year of the marriage, or a scrapbook with a spread dedicated to each decade. This can include photographs, theatre tickets, newspapers clippings, invitations to other family celebrations, and other artifacts that make up the years of life.

Buy Tickets to a Show -- Theatre, opera, music, dance, or any form of live entertainment is always a fun way to celebrate a major life event. Buy the best seats in the house, and be sure to clear the date with the couple in advance of buying any tickets. And, be mindful of comfort, show length, and acoustics to make sure that it’s an enjoyable experience for a couple celebrating their 65th wedding anniversary.

Now that you’ve learned a number of unique 65th anniversary ideas, it’s time to choose the perfect one. Whether you go for a more traditional anniversary gift for your loved one or you plan an anniversary party for all your friends and family, there are many ways to show your love.

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