60 Creative Wedding Guest Book Ideas

Your wedding guest book is a beautiful token from your special day. Here are Zola’s favorite wedding guest book ideas.

By The Zola Team

60 Unique Wedding Guest Book Ideas
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The First Look ✨

  • Wedding guest books are a lovely way to remember your special day and receive messages from your guests. As weddings have become more creative, guest books do to.
  • Many couples are opting to use other items instead of a book for guest signatures.
  • We have 60 guest book ideas for adventurers, romantics, fun-lovers, sentimentalists, and collectors.
  • Whichever fits your style, make sure you supply the right materials for your guests. Zola can help with all aspects of your special wedding.

After you exchange vows and cut the cake, sip Champagne and dance your heart out, you and your new spouse are ready to begin your life together and reminisce on the memories for years to come.

A wedding guest book is a fantastic way to keep track of who attended your special day and look back on your loved ones’ warm wishes. Plus, it’s a beautiful pick-me-up whenever you need a dose of that warm, fuzzy, wedding-day happiness.

Traditionally, a guest book has been just that—a book where guests could sign their names and write a short message for the couple. But there’s no rule that says you must use a book. There are countless other methods of collecting well-wishes, messages, names, and more from your wedding guests.

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  • Why a Guest Book is Important
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Grab a pen and notebook and get ready to brainstorm.

Crafting a Creative Guest “Book”

Gone are the days where every wedding looked exactly the same. Instead, couples feel freer to flex their creative muscles and host themed, destination, and other unique ceremonies.

We love creative weddings that speak volumes about you as a couple. Your wedding day should say something about the two of you: your personalities, likes, and interests.

One way to incorporate a truly innovative element into your wedding is to ditch the traditional guest book in favor of something more interactive, useful, or interesting. In fact, your guest book doesn’t have to be a book at all. Stretch your imagination and a guest book can be just about anything.

Before you let your guest book dreams run wild, it’s important to decide who you’ll be inviting to your big day. This allows you to plan an appropriate guest messaging approach—something that’s a cinch when using Zola. Our guest list manager allows you to collect all of the needed information about your invitees in one convenient location. Then, you’re free to collect everything you need for a dazzling guest experience.

Ideas for the Adventurers

If you’re hosting a destination wedding or are simply a happy couple who adores traveling, incorporate that passion into your wedding. These fantastic ideas will inspire your adventurous spirits for years to come.

World Travelers

Do you and your spouse love to travel to new places? Get some fascinating ideas for exciting future trips with these guest book ideas:

  • Globe: Have your guests sign a globe on their favorite travel location, then have them explain why in a notebook. After the ceremony, you can get busy planning your next big adventure to your loved ones’ recommendations.

  • Bucket List: You can be very literal with this unique wedding guest book idea and leave a large, wooden bucket out on the table. Each guest fills out a card with somewhere you must see or something you must do together as a couple.

  • Postcards: Leave out postcards of places you dream of traveling to and have your guests write a message on the back. Each time you cross one of these places off your list, reread the messages and reminisce about your wedding day.

  • Atlas: It’s a book, yes, but one with maps that your guests can use to give you inspiration for romantic getaways and adventures around the world. This wedding guest book idea lets your guests write their well wishes on colorful sticky notes they can place on meaningful pages.

  • Map: Looking for a guest book alternative that you can hang on your wall at home for continuous inspiration? Have your guests give you travel advice on a map of the world.

Water Lovers

For the couple who hosts a beach destination wedding, these nautical-themed suggestions will be perfect for your wedding guest book:

  • Surfboard: A surfboard is a lovely canvas for your guests’ good wishes. As a bonus, it’ll make a charming wall decoration in your home.

  • Signed Buoy: Make sure you have plenty of permanent markers available for your guests to sign this brightly colored lifesaver.

  • Paper Boats: Fold pieces of paper into a simple origami sailboat, and line the guestbook table with your little armada. Guests can write their wishes on the paper boats, and you can string them up as a beautiful decoration after the wedding.

  • Message in a Bottle: If you enjoy looking forward to something in the future, you can have each guest write a message and place it in a large bottle. On your anniversary, you and your spouse can look back at the messages.

  • Oar: A wooden oar is another water-centric staple your guests can sign. It’ll propel you back to wedding day memories, and it can be an attractive addition to a game room or sunroom wall.

Outdoor Enthusiasts

If the beach isn’t your thing, don’t worry. There are plenty of other ways to incorporate nature-inspired memories into your wedding day, such as:

  • Snowboard: If the slopes are more your style, have your guests ink their message on a beautiful snowboard. Then, take it out on your first run as a couple.

  • Wishing Stones: Get a head start on your garden decor with pretty painted stones. Each guest can design their own with a special wish for you.

  • Starry Sky: A star map of the night of your wedding is another way to embrace the natural beauty around you. Have your guests sign around the border of the map and hang it in your home.

Ideas for the Romantics

Delicate lace, pretty flowers, plenty of sparkles—if this is your wedding decorating ideal, then you’ll enjoy these ideas for romantic and one-of-a-kind guest books.


Do you adore looking at old pictures? Is crafting your favorite pastime? Is an afternoon spent browsing in an antique shop your utopia? Consider these throwback ideas:

  • Fabric Stitch: A roll of fabric, embroidery thread and needles, and a little creativity can produce a divine guest signature compilation to stitch your and your partner’s lives together. Each guest can select a thread, sew a stitch or two, and sign their name.

  • Polaroids: Nothing says vintage like a Polaroid photo. Leave a camera with plenty of film on a table for your guests to snap away. They can sign the bottom of their photo and clip it to a lace-covered board.

  • Typewriter: An old typewriter with a fresh ribbon gives your guests the perfect medium to leave you with a heartfelt wedding message.

  • Rolodex: Before there were cellphones, there were Rolodexes. Take your guests back in time and have them fill in a card from a Rolodex.

  • Time Capsule: This can be filled with notes from your guests that you plan to open on a specific day—maybe you schedule it for your first anniversary or your twentieth. Either way, you’re sure to enjoy reading the good wishes inside.

  • Old Records: Scratched records that can no longer be played can be put to use as a base for your guests to write messages. Then, you can hang them as wall decor after the ceremony.

  • Pressed Flower Books: You’ll need a few heavy, old books, but your guests will love selecting a special flower and pressing it between the pages of the book with a charming message for you to explore later.


For the barn, vineyard, or countryside wedding, continue the rustic theme with these guest book ideas:

  • Birdcage Letters: A wire birdcage filled with loving notes from your wedding attendees will make a long-lasting, attractive home decoration.

  • Wine Corks: For the wine-loving couple at a vineyard wedding, corks with your guests’ signatures can be used to fill a shadow box, clear jar, or wooden box.

  • Barrel: A recycled barrel filled with messages of love will complete the countryside feel of your ceremony.

  • Wooden Planks: A reclaimed plank of wood is another rustic base for your friends and families to write their notes to you.

  • Keys: Tiny, vintage keys with a scrolled message attached are a fetching filler for a wooden bucket. Your guests will love sifting through the keys to find their favorite and then pinning it to their special message for you.

Ideas for the Fun-Lovers

Your wedding should be a magical day filled with love and fun. Zola’s wedding boutique has everything you need to craft a pleasant event. From party favors to decor, you can find it all in our boutique. We even offer free shipping and easy returns if something isn’t right. If you want your guest book to reflect your playful style, you can easily incorporate these ideas into your relaxed wedding ceremony.


Outdoor weddings are an ideal setting for incorporating a playful demeanor into your special day. Some of our favorite spirited guest book approaches include:

  • Paper Garland: Think back to your school days when paper chains were a popular decoration. Your guests will love writing you a short message and attaching it to the growing paper chain.

  • Personalized Painting: Commission a painting of the two of you prior to the wedding. Your guests can sign the border and you’ll have a captivating piece of art for your walls.

  • Wine Bottle: Wine bottles are another interesting way to gather guest signatures to later display in your home. Collect recycled wine bottles and add new paper labels for guests to sign.

  • Bench: An adorable wooden bench signed by all of your guests can later be sealed with epoxy to protect it. You can place this delightful piece of furniture anywhere in your home.

  • Dictionary: Ask your guests to circle a word that reminds them of you, write a short message on a sticky note, and then bookmark the page.

  • Signed Guitar: If you or your spouse is a musician, a guitar is a lovely way to connect your passion for music and your wedding guest book.

  • Anniversary Pinata: Every guest writes a short note and stuffs it into a pinata. Then, on your anniversary, you can bust it open and read their messages.

  • Thumbprint Picture: On a large canvas, outline something meaningful—a tree, a heart, a bouquet. Then, your friends and family can use their painted thumbprints to fill in the outline.

  • Custom Canvas: Have a blank canvas ready for decorating with paint pens, oil paint sets, and brushes. Your guests’ signatures and messages will make it a truly unique work of art.

Game Time

What could be more fun than starting your life together with a fun collection of games? You can involve your guests with:

  • Jenga Blocks: Playing Jenga with blocks that have personalized messages from your wedding guests on them adds an extra layer of excitement to each turn.

  • Cornhole Board: If you’re from the midwest, you’ve probably played more games of cornhole than you can count. Create a special set of boards by allowing your guests to sign them with good wishes.

  • Jigsaw Puzzle: Puzzle pieces with messages from your wedding attendees will provide you with an enticing activity for the weeks following the ceremony.

  • Mad Libs: For quick laughs, let your guests fill in a Mad Libs book. You’re guaranteed a chuckle or two every time you read through them.

  • Signed Sports Balls: Baseball, football, soccer, golf, basketball—whichever sport you’re passionate about can fit into your wedding plans when your guests sign a ball (or hockey pucks) with a special message.

  • Board Game: If you love Sorry, Monopoly, Life, or any other board game, use the board as the base for your guest book. Every time you play, you’ll be reminded of your wedding day.

  • Poker Chips: Go all in on your guest book with poker chips for them to sign. You can play with them later for extra luck, or glue them in a frame for unique wall art.

There’s no shortage of fun with game-themed wedding guest books.

Ideas for the Sentimentalists

Do you get misty-eyed looking at old photos? Have you kept every greeting card you’ve ever received? If you love reflecting on pleasant memories, we have many ideas on how to incorporate this passion into your wedding guest book.


These ideas will give you a way to remember your wedding day and you can use them as home decor:

  • Shadow Box: You can make a shadow box with signed wooden hearts, corks, or any other tiny item you can think of. Have your guests sign them, drop them in the box, and you have a lovely piece for your wall.

  • Sign: Wood, clear acrylic, poster-style—any of these makes an appealing canvas for your guests to write messages that you’ll cherish as wall art.

  • Signed State: If you’re both from the same state, have a wooden cutout of the state available for your guests to sign.

  • Ornaments: Even if you’re not hosting a winter wedding, you can still have guests decorate ornaments that you can later use to trim your holiday tree.

  • Wedding Vows: An embellished printout of your wedding vows for guests to adorn with their signatures is a stunning piece of art you can hang anywhere in your house.

  • Serving Dish: If you’re into fancy dishes, have a gorgeous serving dish serve as the base for your guests to write their special messages to you and your spouse. Then display it in your home.


Let your guests help you reflect on your wedding day for years to come:

  • Photo Booth Album: If a photo booth is in your plans, have your guests clip a picture from their reel and leave it in a photo album for you to see later.

  • Tablet Recording: Get technical and have your guests use a tablet to record a message to the two of you.

  • Personal Photo Book: Leave a book full of photos of you and your spouse out on the table. Your guests can write a message next to their favorite snapshot.

  • Snail Mail: A letter from each guest is a priceless way to reflect on your special day.

Ideas for the Collectors

You love to collect things that make you happy—books, photographs, funky socks, coffee mugs. If these items hold sentimental value, you love them more. Add this component to your wedding. After all, how often do you get the opportunity to have all of your favorite people in the same room? Collecting a little something from your guests gives you a charming reminder of your wedding and the people who made it special.


Each of these allows your guests to contribute their unique touch to your wedding:

  • Calendar: Keep a blank calendar for the year following your wedding out with colorful pens. Each guest can write a note on a day that’s important to them.

  • Recipes: You can either use a blank book or index cards. Have your guests jot their favorite recipe. You’ll have plenty of ideas for delicious dinners in the years to come.

  • Story Book: Let your guests write your fairy tale. A book with blank pages is the perfect canvas for individual stories or one long, continuous story that one person starts and everyone else adds onto.

  • Date Jar: Collect ideas for romantic evenings out in a jar. Then, when you have a date night, pick one at random and have a lovely time.

  • Wish Tree: Either a small wooden tree or a poster version will work well for this idea. Your guests can either hang or paste paper leaves with a wish for your future together written on them.

  • Words of Wisdom: Everyone can use a little helpful advice sometimes. Let your guests fill a charming wooden box with their top tips for a happy life together.

  • Quilt Squares: Precut fabric squares and fabric markers give your guests the tools they need to create a memorable piece you can use to keep warm in the winter. Collect the squares after the reception and have a seamstress sew them into a cozy quilt.

  • Locks: Although Paris’s Pont des Arts is no more, you can recreate the tradition at your wedding. All you need are small padlocks and a framed piece of fencing to secure them to. Instead of inscribing their own initials onto the locks, guests can attach a short message to the lock before locking it on your base.

  • Soundtrack: Everyone loves a good mixtape. Modernize it by asking everyone to write their favorite song on a slip of paper. Put someone in your wedding party in charge of the soundtrack—they can make you a Spotify list of your guests’ top hits.

There’s certainly something here that would be the perfect fit for your big day. Once you’ve found that perfect idea, it’s time to put it into action.

Guest Book Tips and Tricks

Whatever the theme of your wedding is, you’ll want to give your guests an idea of what to expect so that they know how to dress and how the day will go. An easy and effective way to do this is with a wedding website. Zola offers free wedding websites where you can provide your guests with all of the needed information.

In turn, you’ll have a much smoother time making your guest book dreams come true. Your wedding website will make it possible to keep track of all the small details that tend to get lost in the shuffle. A few things to keep in mind with your guest book preparation include:

  • Materials: The most important part of pulling off a unique guest book is having the right materials. Test your markers, pens, or paint ahead of time to ensure that it will work with whatever you’re asking your guests to write on. Make sure you have extra, as well, so that everyone has a chance to participate.

  • Expectations: All of your guests might not want to sign or get messy if you’re using paint. Some might not have enough time. Furthermore, everything may not go as planned. If you’re expecting a flawless work of art, you might be disappointed in the result. If your wedding stretches across several days with a rehearsal, ceremony, wedding reception, and post-wedding breakfast, feel free to offer an opportunity to sign the guest book at all of these events.

The most important thing isn’t perfection, but rather giving your guests a chance to express their well wishes.

Create Your Ideal Wedding With Help From Zola

We love creative wedding touches that make your day unique and special. One of our favorites is a unique, meaningful, and fun guest book. This is something you can keep long after the wedding ceremony ends to remind yourselves of your amazing wedding and how much your friends and family love you.

If you have some ideas but don’t know how to pull everything together, we can help. At Zola, weddings are our specialty. We’re packed with free tools to make your wedding planning go smoothly. Register with Zola today, and let us help you get in touch with your creative side.

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