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5 Virtual Wedding Shower Backgrounds to Match Your Theme

Celebrating your virtual wedding shower and want your guest to feel involved? We've got 5 virtual backgrounds to match your wedding shower theme.

By Alexis Ferguson

5 Virtual Backgrounds to Match Your Wedding Shower Theme
Photo by Zola

One of the best parts about planning a wedding shower is picking the perfect shower theme. From picnic party to beach bash, there's so much fun to be had weaving your theme through all the elements of a wedding shower celebration.

Now that online and hybrid wedding showers are becoming more and more popular, what better way to share that fun than creating matching virtual backgrounds for your guests? Luckily we've got you covered.

Here are five virtual wedding shower backgrounds made to fit your wedding shower theme (and make for a beautiful virtual shower album).

Boho Bash

zoom-BG-boho Photo Credit // Zola

A perfect backdrop for those free spirits who love a cozy and globally-inspired hangout.

Boozy Brunch

zoom-BG-boozy-brunchPhoto Credit // Zola

A brunch bash is never too early to those who want to be très très chic in pastel hues.

Garden Gala

zoom-BG-garden-galaPhoto Credit // Zola

A beautiful and blooming background for those who want to immerse in lush shades of blooming peonies and roses.

Tropical Luau

zoom-BG-tropicalPhoto Credit // Zola

Bringing the tropics to those who want to bask in vibrant colors of monstera plants and bird of paradise flowers.

Trip to Europe

zoom-travelPhoto Credit // Zola

Setting the scene for those who enjoy a glass of wine under the sun in a Tuscan hilltop town.

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