5 Questions to Ask All Your Wedding Vendors

Before booking any wedding vendor, be sure to ask them these five questions.

By Laura Hensley

Questions to Ask Your Vendors Before Booking Them
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Booking and coordinating with multiple vendors can be enough to make your head spin. Between the excitement of your wedding, the logistical details of the event, and the seemingly endless checklists, it’s normal to be a tad overwhelmed (even in a good way). As you book vendors, it’s important that you ask each of your vendor options some standard questions that will make it oh so much easier for you when planning.

Before hiring any wedding vendor, here are five questions to ask them.

Do You Have Other Events/Clients on My Wedding Day?

We all like to think we’ll have our wedding vendors’ undivided attention on our wedding day, but vendors are businesses and some serve multiple clients on the same day. If you’re getting married at a large venue that accommodates more than one event at a time, ask how many other weddings will be happening on your wedding day. Same goes for caterers, cake bakers, hair stylists, or makeup artists. You want to have a sense of how busy each vendor is and how much focus they can give to you.

How Many Weddings Have You Done Before, and Can I See Your Past Work?

Everyone needs to get their start somewhere, but don’t blindly book a vendor without seeing an example of their work. Sure, you may be able to score a deal on a junior photographer, but you want to be sure you like their style before signing a contract. Ask each vendor how long they’ve been working in the wedding industry, and don’t be shy to ask them for examples of events they’ve done in the past.

What’s the Total Cost, and Exactly What’s Included?

Money and budget are often the most important determining factors when booking a wedding vendor. Be sure to ask the vendor exactly what’s included in their cost. If there’s additional charges for certain hours, a number of guests, or additional asks, make sure you’re clear from the start. This is helpful for both you and all members of your vendor team!

You also want to know how much the deposit is and when it’s due. Ask each vendor to clearly lay out the terms of the payment options. And don’t forget to get everything in writing.

Who Will Be Our Point Person During Planning and on Our Wedding Day?

Though your initial meeting may be with one team member, they may not be working with you on the day of your wedding. (This is especially true for wedding venues and caterers.) Be sure to ask who you will be communicating with for all the planning leading up to your wedding and who will actually be on site on your wedding day. This will help avoid any confusions before the celebration or on the day of.

What’s Your Postponement/Cancellation Policy?

No one plans on cancelling their wedding, but the COVID-19 pandemic has made it clear that things way beyond our control can happen. That's why it's important to consider a plan B and be sure to ask if there are options for schedule back up dates in the event of any unforeseen circumstances. Always ask any wedding vendor what their cancellation policy is and how much notice is needed for any changed details. NOTE: Vendors are businesses, too, so be kind and thoughtful when discussing difficult topics like potential cancellations or postponements. You should also ask about their force majeure clauses. Understand if your vendor offers refunds, partial refunds, or no refunds for cancelled or postponed events.

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