40th Wedding Anniversary Gifts That Embrace Ruby In New Ways

When it comes time to shop for a 40th-anniversary gift, ruby is the theme. Read on to discover great gift ideas for the ruby anniversary.

By Taylor Bryant

40th Wedding Anniversary Gifts
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Every year of marriage is worth celebrating, and the 40th is no exception. In fact, it’s a milestone that’s even more than deserving of your attention. Depending on when you wed, you’re likely at the age where you’ve, quite literally, grown old together. The kids have flown the coop and you may even have some little, little ones running around. You’ve not only built a love worth reflecting on, but also a bountiful life and lineage.

So, where to start? The traditional theme is always a great place. This year is pretty straightforward, as the traditional and modern suggestions are the same: ruby. Visually, the deep red gemstone evokes warmth, opulence, and charm. Symbolically, it represents beauty, protection, wisdom, and power. It’s associated with burning love—the kind that lasts well beyond the four decades you’re currently celebrating.

In honor of this flaming theme, we’ve come up with some 40th anniversary gift ideas that channel the ruby red hue and, in case your partner isn’t a fan of the shade, some that don’t. All are great options for ringing in your 40th wedding anniversary.

A Bottle of Vintage Red Wine

Nothing signifies a celebration quite like a delicious (and expensive!) bottle of wine. In this case, red should be the variety of choice and, if you want to go the extra mile and get really sentimental, try to find a bottle from the year you were wed. It will have aged quite nicely—just like your love.

Ruby Earrings

We know… another piece of jewelry? Well, yes. It’s a timeless gift, and the ruby is a beautiful stone. There’s nothing quite like a pop of a ruby gemstone to liven up an outfit.

Trip Back to Your Honeymoon Location

Four decades seems like a great time to return to one of the first places you visited as husband and wife. Wherever you went on your honeymoon all those years ago won’t be the same as when you initially spent time there. You’ll have plenty of new places to explore and, more importantly, new memories to make.

Shaving Kit

You’re never too old to upgrade your grooming routine, and the options these days are aplenty. Not to mention they double down on nourishing the skin and address prevalent issues like irritation and ingrown hairs.

Spa Trip

Take some time to rest, relax, and simply enjoy each other’s company by indulging in a spa day. Couples massages, body scrubs, facials... we recommend going all out to celebrate your 40th year.

Red Leather Wallet

Another timeless and ever-practical gift is a wallet. While red might not be the shade that they’re used to, it will remind them of you and the journey you’ve been on every time they pull it out.


The record players available today are more modern and likely better made than the ones from 40 years ago. Treat yourself to one, fill your collection with records from your past, and take a trip down memory lane.

Red Stand Mixer

At this point, your kitchen appliances could probably use an upgrade. A red stand mixer is great for any couple who enjoys cooking together. It will stand out on the counter and comes in the traditional ruby red anniversary color.

Photo Album

Sure, you probably have tons of pictures that timeline your relationship together, but this is a great time to timeline the life and family you’ve created as well. Print out some of your favorites, and fill up a new book to show off the memories you’ve made as a happy couple.

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Intimate Card Game

Forty years seems like a long time together (and it is!) and, therefore, you might think you know everything there is to know about one another. Well, this card game, unlike a traditional gift, might prove otherwise. If anything, it will help start some thought-provoking conversations. After all, you’re never too old to deepen and rekindle that flame.

Red Velvet Cake

Sweets for your sweet. For many, the way to their heart is through their stomach. Bonus points if your wedding cake was also red velvet.

Sexy Lingerie

A suggestive present, yes, but sometimes you need a push to heat things up. Plus, the 40th ruby theme is a great excuse to invest in some sexy red lace pieces.

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