30th Anniversary Gift Ideas

Looking for 30th wedding anniversary ideas? Our team has got you covered! Read on to discover our favorite ideas.

By Taylor Bryant

30th Anniversary Gift Ideas
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Congratulations on making it to your 30th year of marriage. It’s a milestone worth celebrating, and one way of doing that is coming up with the perfect anniversary gift for your significant other. How do you come up with a present that best encapsulates three decades of matrimony? Well, one way is by sticking to the traditional anniversary themes, and, for the big 3-0, that’s pearl.

This iridescent gem symbolizes innocence and honesty, as well as divinity and wisdom, both of which we’re sure you and your partner have learned a lot about over the years. Pearls are formed within oysters as a way to protect themselves, and, similar to snowflakes, no two are completely the same. Each differs in shape, color, and luster, giving them a uniqueness worth coveting.

Alternatively, if we’re going by modern standards for 30th wedding anniversary ideas, the theme is the diamond, which symbolizes strength, affection, and eternity. Both precious stones are good ideas to start off with when coming up with fun, interesting gifts. In need of 30th anniversary ideas? Our experts are here to help. Below are some of our favorite gift ideas to celebrate your 30th anniversary.

Mother of Pearl Cufflinks

Since we can’t imagine your male partner wanting pearl earrings or a necklace (we could be wrong though, you know them better than us), give them cufflinks that they can wear during other special occasions for your 30th wedding anniversary. The mother of pearl in these cufflinks is a nod to the 30th anniversary symbol, while the rose gold adds a bright and classy touch to any suit that they’re paired with.

Pearl and Diamond Earrings

Speaking of accessories, we all know diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but diamonds and pearls? Well, they’re whatever a step up from a best friend is. There’s a reason why jewelry is a popular anniversary gift, and that’s because you can’t really go wrong. These vintage inspired earrings combine traditional and modern elements in both style and symbolism, making for an ideal wedding anniversary gift that anyone would love.

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Oyster Jewelry Dish

Since you’ll need somewhere to store those new earrings and cufflinks, this oyster dish is beautiful, unique, and very much on theme if you’re looking for a pearl anniversary gift.

Scuba Diving Adventure

If experiences are more your speed, go on a little getaway to the Caribbean. Once you dock, double down on the pearl theme by booking a scuba diving adventure. Hopefully you’ll see an oyster or two as you explore a new world underwater.

A Special Anniversary Book

A different kind of anniversary book, this keepsake will highlight all of the news that occurred on your big day over the years. From headlines to articles to photos, it will be a real treat to recall everything that took place over the past 30 years on the day that you said “I do.” Who doesn’t like turning back time and indulging in a bit of nostalgia?

Bubble Tea Set

For the bubble tea loving couple, learn to make your favorite drink at home together. The set comes with stainless steel straws, Paris and milky oolong flavors and, of course, tapioca pearls. You can customize the drink to your liking and indulge whenever you don’t feel like venturing out to your local boba spot. While it might not be a traditional gift, we’re sure that your husband or wife will love the sentiment behind it.

Homemade Meal Kits

Sit back, relax, and alternate treating each other to a homemade meal. We know this might just sound like a regular weekday happening, but instead of having your typical pasta dish, this kit allows you to really curate your dinner (without having to go to the supermarket). If you’re really committed to the 30th wedding anniversary theme, you can ask for your meal to feature mostly seafood. Otherwise, choose from 15 different dishes that include easy-to-follow recipes and fresh ingredients.

Lily of the Valley Perfume

Lily is the traditional flower of the 30th anniversary. Representing devotion, pride, and beauty, it’s a great symbol for such a significant milestone. In its honor, opt to get your partner something that will last way longer than a bouquet ever will. Lily of the Valley is a mainstay in a lot of perfumes and tends to be slightly sweet and softly floral.

Wine Tasting Tour

Take on a new hobby with your partner and sign up for a fun and educational wine tasting tour. You’ll learn about different varieties and the food pairings that best complement one another. You’ll be on your way to becoming sommeliers in no time.

Diamond Wine Glasses

After your tour, you’ll want a way to practice your newfound hobby (and indulge in the many bottles you likely purchased afterward). A set of diamond cut glasses are a great way to do that. Bonus points for the fact that they’re specially designed to bring out the aroma of full-bodied red wines. If anything, they’ll make you feel like you’ve just stepped onto the “Game of Thrones” set and into Westeros.

Still don't know what to get your husband or wife for a 30th anniversary gift? At the end of the day, whatever you decide to do, make it meaningful. Your significant other will always appreciate something that has been carefully selected just for them.

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