11 Amazing Ideas for Garden Wedding Inspo

All the inspiration you need to pull off your garden themed wedding.

By Nilina Mason-Campbell

Garden Wedding Inspo
Photo by Lindsey Paradiso Photography

Are you wanting to assemble your nearest and dearest for a botanical garden wedding? Perhaps you’re planning to stage a ceremony in your backyard or maybe you’ll be taking to the grounds of a nearby botanical paradise. A garden wedding doesn’t only mean lawn chairs and freshly cut grass. Choosing to have a garden wedding opens you up to a wide possibility of personalized themes that fall under that umbrella. Even garden wedding attire for male guests can be so creative and beautiful with this theme. With that in mind, we assembled a list of garden wedding ideas for you to draw inspiration from to help narrow the focus for your own wedding:

Tea Party

A mainstay of the Victorian era, a tea party theme is a great excuse for you to break out your best porcelain dinnerware and travel back in time. To capture this garden party theme at its best, you can incorporate elements from the era into your dress code, how you stage the layout (with a focus on small circular tables for guests during the reception), and even in the activities that you offer guests. Will there be a lot of children in attendance as guests? Perhaps you can offer a beanbag toss or three-legged race in line with the games played back then. Throw on the “Anne of Green Gables” movie and soak up the inspiration. This garden wedding idea will surely make your garden wedding theme be one to remember.

“The Secret Garden”

Take a page from the iconic novel and craft your garden wedding to resemble the garden scenes brought to life in its prose. That could mean including vintage keys or garden tools with name tags threaded on in to mark spots for guests. By adding fresh flowers, floral, and lush greenery, your outdoor garden wedding will be a perfect garden setting for a wedding.

“Alice and Wonderland”

Delving into this piece of children’s literature creates a crossover theme that involves elements from several others; a Victorian setting, which can be represented in requested dress, a tea party, riddles, cookie trays, and, of course, croquet. The wedding decor for this garden theme has the opportunity to be really creative.

“A Midsummer Night's Dream”

11 Amazing Ideas for Garden Wedding Inspo Photo Credit // Shoot the Cake Photography

Garden parties don’t necessarily mean that festivities must take place during the day. Marriage is a central plot point of Shakesphere’s iconic play, so it makes all the more sense as a potential wedding theme. Perhaps you can draw inspiration from the title and set your garden wedding at night. You can create a dreamy environment by stringing lights amongst trees, illuminating the leaves, and giving your event a special glow. There’s something enchanting about being amongst trees and plants at night.

There are ways to play into the theme both subtle and direct. The iconic play has it all, including fairies, forests, and a Greek setting all of which could influence your color palette and potential props—think columns. One main character is a weaver, which could be represented with outdoor textiles such as macrame as a centerpiece or main decoration. During your meal you could serve floral-infused juice with edible flower petals to represent the story’s love potion.


Unlike the 2019 cult film, actual midsummer celebrations are playful, cheery, and idyllic without any eerie tinges. Celebrated in Sweden every June, the ritual is held to mark summer solstice and the longest day of the year. Think an abundance of blossoms, maypoles, floral crowns, and dancing. If you’re particularly drawn to a kaleidoscope of colors, this theme could suit you well. Typically staged in public parks, gardens, or on the grounds of cottages, you’ll even be able to bring in cottagecore aesthetics while staying on theme. Strawberry cake is a key element of the celebration and might be something to add to your menu. What a cute garden wedding cake that would be.


A little more rugged, but equally as cozy, Cottagecore is a romantic celebration of country charm. This aesthetic has swept the social media from Instagram to TikTok and it’s easy to find guides across the internet on everything from color schemes to appropriate prints, such as gingham. Think wheelbarrows as props, or a naked wedding cake.


When it comes to Easter, there’s no better holiday to represent the outdoors. Using Easter as a template doesn’t necessarily mean colored eggs and bunnies. The springtime holiday offers simple guidelines for a garden wedding, such as a lawn location and pastel color scheme.

Butterfly Garden

You can take your inspiration from specific types of gardens, such as butterfly gardens. There are several ways to incorporate decorative elements into your wedding that pay tribute to the iconic pollinators, from illustrations on your invitations to small butterflies made of feathers. Available at craft stores and found appropriately in the floral section, these miniatures could adorn the backs of chairs or rest alongside the guestbook.

Statue and Sculpture Gardens

Think various shades of creams and gray, this theme puts an emphasis on decor. Take inspiration from marble and concrete for a solid theme that focuses on set design. That being said, you can also look to certain time periods and cultures for a deeper focus, such as ancient Roman ruins and even extending that to using Roman numerals in your printed materials.

Regardless of specific themes, there are plenty of other ways to accentuate garden vibes in your wedding, from staging to gifts.

Floral Archways

Take a cue from royal weddings—such as the doorway at Meghan and Harry’s ceremony or the arbor at the end of the aisle at Mandy Moore’s wedding—and incorporate an archway of baby’s breath into your ceremony.

Wedding Favors

11 Amazing Ideas for Garden Wedding Inspo Photo Credit // Viera Photographics

Give wildflower seed packets as take away gifts for guests.

Outdoor weddings hold an outsize amount of charm, intimacy, and a playfulness that makes them appealing. Holding a garden wedding is a way to capture those elements and infuse them into your ceremony. There are so many ideas to explore so that your garden wedding feels tailored specifically to you and your personal tastes as a couple.