10 Wedding Guest Photo Book Ideas

Want to leave a lasting impression with unique guest photo book ideas? Read on for our top 10 wedding guest photo book ideas.

By The Zola Team

Wedding Guest Photo Book Idea
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Guests travel from near and far to celebrate the union of two people. A guest book not only recognizes that, but is also a good reminder of the support and love that surrounded you on the day you said “I do.”

Classic wedding guest books are simple and elegant, but if you’re looking for something with a little more oomph, a wedding guest book photo book is a fantastic option. From the more unique options—like a fun facts guest book—to those that are more standard—like an instant image guest book—let’s dive into all the best wedding photo guest book ideas, so you can find one that suits your style and wedding theme.

1. Song Request Guest Book

10 Wedding Guest Photo Book Ideas Photo Credit // Shutterstock

If you’re a music enthusiast on the hunt for wedding guest book photo book ideas, consider a song request album. Put an instant camera on a table near the entrance with a song card for each guest to fill out. Some brides and grooms opt for rustic-looking insert cards in the design of a cassette with one line for the song and one line for the artist. What’s fun about this type of photo book is that you can hand it to the deejay once it’s signed and get your guests groovin’.

2. Photo Booth Guest Book

There are few things more fun at a wedding than a classic photo booth. If you’re planning to have a photo booth at your wedding, you can encourage guests to print two copies of their images. Take one home and leave one in a guest book along with a personalized message. This is one of the more interactive wedding photo guest book ideas, as it will encourage your guests to get to the photo booth, grab a few of their favorite props, and get silly.

3. Location Photo Book

Maybe you and your spouse met on a cable car in San Francisco or in the bustling city streets of New York. Perhaps it was Paris that made you fall in love or a small town somewhere in the heart of the Midwest. A location photo book lets you take one of your favorite, most memorable places, and easily bring it to your wedding.

Look for a book that has high-quality images with space for guests to sign their names. With this particular wedding guest book photo book, you can encourage guests to go in order from page-to-page or suggest that they flip through until they find a photo that speaks to them. Whatever route you choose, this is a unique idea that will become a beautiful coffee table keepsake in the future.

4. Fun Facts Guest Book

Your wedding guests know you and your soon-to-be-spouse better than anyone. So why not jazz things up with a fun fact guest book? If you're looking for wedding photo guest book ideas that will get your guests thinking and giggling, this is the one. You can use instant photo film or the photo booth idea, but instead of having your guests simply sign their name with a message, ask them to leave a fact. They can leave a fun fact about themselves or about you as the bride and groom‚—like how they know you or what their first memory is of you as a couple. This is a good ice breaker for weddings, especially because guests will most likely read the message that comes before theirs—something that helps people get to know one another before the festivities truly begin.

5. Photo Album Through the Years

If you’re searching for wedding photo guest book ideas that are personalized and tell your story, craft a photo album through the years. Similar to a wedding slideshow of the bride and groom, the album can start with images of you as children and move through time until you find one another. For wedding groups that lean toward the type who would rather look at images (than take one of themselves), this is a good way to go. It’s also a sweet keepsake for you to flip through on your anniversary or for family members and friends to browse through when they’re visiting.

6. Instant Images

Instant photo cameras can be incorporated into weddings in so many ways. They’re versatile, easy to use, and guests just can’t seem to get enough of them (particularly as the evening progresses). They also make one of the easiest wedding guest book photo book ideas out there.

Once you find the right album, all you have to do is make a cute sign signaling your guests to smile, print, sign, and stick. Plus, there’s something so nostalgic about capturing those moments in time, right as they’re happening, with an instant camera. Among many unique wedding albums, we love the look of matte black pages, as they allow the white borders of the images to pop. Pair the pages with a metallic silver pen and your book will instantly become sophisticated yet romantic.

7. Literary Photo Book

10 Wedding Guest Photo Book Ideas Photo Credit // Shutterstock

One of the most creative wedding photo guest book ideas involves all things literary. For the book appreciators in the crowd, nothing is more whimsical than taking the idea of the instant camera photo book and giving it a literary twist.

Find a classic version of a favorite book that you and your spouse both love (you can typically find vintage collections online or in thrift shops for a good price). Crack open the spine, put out a permanent marker, and let your guests choose where they want to stick their photos and sign.

If you opt for a love story, one idea is to have guests highlight or underline a phrase from the page that sticks out to them. In the end, when all the wedding craze is over, you’ll enjoy curling up with a mug of hot tea and reading through the words of a favorite writer and your guests.

8. Make Your Own

The ideas for a wedding guest book photo book are endless when you choose to make your own. Have guests sign one to two people or couples per page. Then, when you get your images back from your photographer, print them out, and place them next to each person’s corresponding signature. The thing you want to make sure about when going this route is that a photographer captures everyone, perhaps at the front when they walk in (or you’ll end up with an assortment of empty pages).

If your photographer is busy, this can also be done with a phone or disposable camera by a family member or friend. Making your own photo book creates a hybrid kind of scrapbook, too, where you can incorporate other mementos on the pages. Between the engagement party, rehearsal dinner, and big day, there are plenty of wedding scrapbook ideas to consider that will showcase each event and the wonderful people present to celebrate you and your partner.

9. Photo Postcards

Forgo the idea of photos of you or your guests. Instead, opt for photo postcards of your favorite places. Have guests write a sentiment about travel locations they love. Place your postcards in a book and look at it in the future when you’re in search of some travel inspiration. Some brides and grooms even put stamps and addresses on their postcards and ask their guests to mail them throughout the year. If you’re not sold on the idea of travel tips, you can also have guests write well wishes for the bride and groom.

10. Art Portrait Guest Book

Classic photographs are timeless, but artistic portraits offer one of the more outside-of-the-box wedding photo guest book ideas. There are a handful of ways you can go about incorporating the “picture” of the day without actually utilizing photographs.

Some couples opt for a customized painted portrait of themselves, propped up on a canvas where guests can sign, while others go for a scenic shot. One of our favorite ideas involves hiring a painter to paint your wedding scene. When guests arrive or before they leave, have them sign a small piece of mounting paper that can then be adhered to your painting later on (once it’s dried). This route might not be for everyone, but if you’re feeling all kinds of crafty, it’s a unique and meaningful way to document your guests on your special day.

Whether you’re going with something more classic or a bit on the creative side, we know your guest book will be beautiful. If you have any of your own wedding photo guest book ideas, feel free to share them with our community in the comments below. We’re always on the hunt for inspirational ideas that help our brides and grooms craft their most special day.

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