10 Wedding Guest Book Alternatives

Check out this list of 10 unique wedding guest book alternatives to find the best option for your celebration.

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Wedding Guest Book Alternatives
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Traditionally, a wedding guest book is no more than some blank pages where your guests can write their well-wishes and advice for you as newlyweds. However, more and more couples are getting creative and exploring wedding guest book alternatives. By moving away from the traditional book with blank guest book pages, you will be able to memorialize your wedding in a creative and personal way that is sure to be meaningful for years to come, rather than stuffed on a shelf and never looked at again.

A guest book alternative also gives you the chance to create something more functional for your future home or provide a more interactive experience for your guests. While the possibilities for these guest books are practically limitless, we’ve assembled a list of some of our favorite wedding guest book ideas.

1. Fill a Jar or Bottles

A simple switch-up from the traditional guest book is to have your guests place all of their wishes and advice in a glass jar. Leave out blank pieces of paper or small cards and some pens, so each guest can write their special message. Then, have them drop their slip in an open jar. You’ll love displaying this in your home and enjoy picking out random notes when the mood strikes.

A similar variation is to place several bottles or jars on the table, each labeled with a different anniversary year (like one, five, ten, and fifteen). Then, instruct your guests to write their advice or a special message for you to read on that anniversary. You can beautifully display these in your home, and you’ll love getting new messages from your friends and family on these special occasions.

2. Postcards for the Newlyweds

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A DIY wedding guest book idea is to fill the table with blank postcards, so your guests can write their notes on the back. At the end of the night, have your maid of honor or another trustworthy guest gather them and hold onto them. Ask that person to periodically mail the postcards to you throughout your first year of marriage. This is a fun and surprising way to keep your celebration going through that first year. Plus, it will help you stay in touch with your guests as you receive their cards over the next 12 months.

To further personalize this fun idea, consider having custom postcards made for your wedding, purchasing some from the city or destination where you’re hosting your wedding or gathering them from various locations that are important to you as a couple, such as your hometowns, where you had your first date, your first vacation together, and more.

3. Guest Book Photo Booth

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Keep your guests entertained by making your guest book station a photobooth. Whether you choose to hire a photobooth for the occasion or simply leave out a few polaroid cameras, you can have your guests take photos of themselves and then tape them into a book, signing and leaving a message next to the images. While this is still a book, we promise your guests will have a lot more fun with this version, and you’ll enjoy looking through it. Make this idea even more fun by leaving out props for your guests to use during their photoshoot.

4. Create a Quilt

Talk about functionality. This is a unique wedding guest book alternative that the bride and groom will love to keep around the house and snuggle up under. Leave out squares of fabric and some fabric markers or pens for guests to write their messages on. After your celebration, collect all the squares and sew them together for a special keepsake (or ask someone to sew it for you). Every time you use the quilt, you’ll be reminded of the love that surrounded you on your special day.

We especially love this idea for a vintage or eclectic wedding theme. You can play up the theme by displaying the fabric squares on an antique sewing table.

5. Make a Memorable Game

If you and your spouse love playing games, why not make your guest book a wooden heart puzzle? Find a blank wooden puzzle (or have one custom made), then have each of your guests sign a piece. You can display the completed puzzle in your home, or have fun putting it together over and over again.

Similarly, have your guests sign and write messages on blank Jenga pieces to create a custom and meaningful set. Over the years, as you host game nights and play this timeless classic, you’ll be reminded of your friends and family that celebrated your special day with you.

6. Frame It

Place a photo, or a custom illustration, of the two of you in a frame surrounded by a large mat that your guests can sign and write messages on. While simple, this idea is sure to make an excellent addition to a gallery wall in your home, or perhaps live in its own place of prominence.

7. Travel the World With a Globe

An especially fun destination wedding guest book idea is to have your guests sign a personalized globe. Before the celebration, purchase a simplified globe (think without the latitude lines or country names) and add your monogram. Your guests will love signing this distinctive guest book, and it will look great on display in your home.

Similarly, display an antique globe (or one you purchased secondhand), and ask your guests to share their travel recommendations. Throughout your marriage, you’ll have a list of places to discover and explore together. If a globe isn’t your style, you could have guests write on a map instead.

8. Show Off Your School Spirit

If you and your spouse met at school, whether high school, college, or graduate school, grab a couple of pennants from your alma mater for your guests to sign. This fun wedding guest book alternative will make a great addition to your home, and your friends and family will have tons of fun signing them. Plus, any wedding guests who attended the same school will love the trip down memory lane.

9. Put Some Love in a Box

Have your guests write their well wishes and advice on small, thin pieces of wood. Then, place them in a personalized box. This not-so-obvious alternative to a guest book will be fun to display on a shelf in your home and even more enjoyable to pick through over the years. For a more romantic touch, have the pieces of wood shaped like hearts.

10. A Personal Touch

Have your guests leave their mark on your big day. Leave out some colored inks and ask them to place a thumbprint on a personalized print to create a custom work of art. Just make sure the ink provided matches your wedding’s color palette and the print matches your theme. For example, a couple hosting a nature-themed wedding might opt for their guests to create the leaves on a tree with their thumbprints, while a couple hosting a colorful and eclectic celebration may want the thumbprints to create a bunch of balloons. Further customize this idea by coming up with a creative slogan to commemorate the art.

While there are only a handful of ideas for unique wedding guest book alternatives on this list, hopefully, they have helped get your creative juices flowing. As you can see, there are many variations and adjustments you can make to each of these ideas to customize and personalize them for your special celebration. Remember, there are no rules. So whatever feels most meaningful and enjoyable to you is an excellent choice for your wedding.

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