Life on Your Own Terms: Advice from #ZolaCouple Carly & Fabrizio

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Newly married #ZolaCouple Carly & Fabrizio share a love of traveling and are big believers in exploring on your own terms. So, when the two got engaged, they decided to take their time with wedding planning and left 16 months to prepare for their special day. Well, the big day has just passed, and since they’ve now kicked off their first days as newlyweds, we figured we’d tap into their wisdom to hear their lessons learned on planning a wedding and managing their registry. Not surprisingly, the duo highly suggests cash funds – they loved being able to ask their guests for gifts to help fund more exciting life adventures!


How did you meet?
Short answer: Craigslist. Long answer: I was subleasing my apartment before traveling abroad, and he was coming into the country and looking for an apartment for the summer. My parents met Fabrizio at the end of the lease and really liked him. They insisted I buy him a beer to thank him for helping them move all my things out of the apartment. I did, and we became fast friends. Fast forward four and a half years years…

How did you get engaged?
He proposed on a Sunday night at our apartment. I had been expecting the proposal around the holidays, and when January came I put it out of my mind. So, I was very surprised to come home to find a wonderful dinner, flowers, champagne, and a ring! Fabrizio jokes that it says a lot about my cooking and eating habits that I didn’t noticed the champagne had been hiding in the vegetable crisper for days!

What do you two do for fun together?
Fabrizio and I love cocktails, so checking out a new restaurant or bar for an appetizer and craft cocktail is one of our favorite things to do together.

What are you most excited for about newlywed life?
We’re excited to start a family! We want to share with our children a love for exploration and travel, and it doesn’t hurt that half our family is in Italy!


Favorite adventure you’ve had together?
One of our favorite travel adventures was a stop-over in Iceland. We rented a car and drove around the south of the island, pulling over to see horses and waterfalls. You see so much more of a place when you don’t follow a guidebook and explore on your own terms.

Where did you on your honeymoon and how did you pick the destination?
Bali. We love to travel and want to go somewhere neither of us has been.

Packing tips?
You never need as many shoes as you think you’ll need! Pack versatile items – a dress paired with sandals and a hat for the day and dressed up with jewelry for dinner. Instead of folding, roll clothes to save space. And pack an empty duffle bag to fill with goodies on your travels to check on the flight home!


Any tips for balancing wedding planning with your everyday busy life?
We had a long engagement (16 months), so my advice is to not take those months in the middle for granted — there’s always something you can cross off your list. Also, limit your Pinterest time!

What are you most excited for on your registry?
What we loved most about Zola was the option for group gifting. Friends went in together to get some bigger budget items like the Nespresso Machine and a new vacuum! And of course, as many couples these days, we’ve already been building a home together so we don’t need tons of things for our house. We appreciate cash funds and we know that our guests, especially the older ones, liked picking where their money was going (to a honeymoon airfare or to a honeymoon resort).

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How are you thinking about decorating your newlywed home?
We both lean toward a rustic look – unfinished wood and exposed brick, but we also really love the sleek Danish-inspired designs of white walls and dark floors. We’re constantly changing our space, and we need to remind ourselves to decorate with purpose. Fight the clutter!

Best registry tips?
It’s easy to add random things to your registry. Of course we wanted plenty of things, but we had to remind ourselves to slow down and think about how we wanted to decorate and stock our home. You can always edit your registry!

Check out Carly & Fabrizio’s registry here to get some inspiration for your own.

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