Brooklynites and #ZolaCouple Wed: Veronica & Tom

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They locked eyes across the bar and a match was made! Read on for Veronica and Tom’s story, including their favorite meals and go-to dessert.

How did you meet?
The better question is probably how we didn’t meet! One night in late 2011, we happened to be at the same Chinatown bar – late. We saw each other across that bar and couldn’t stop staring, to such an extent that Veronica assumed Tom would make a move. The hour passed, though, and he was too shy, so Veronica left the bar…good thing she decided, before getting into a cab, to give him her number! She went back into the bar and (because he was already chatting with friends) dropped her number in his coat pocket and left…he found it later that night.

How did you get engaged?
Tom proposed at our favorite place in our neighborhood, on the beautiful Brooklyn Heights Promenade (with the help of an accordionist playing La Vie en Rose, or course).

What was the first thing you did after you got engaged?
Friends and family were waiting to celebrate in Brooklyn Bridge Park! We partied until far too late.


What are you most excited for on your registry?
It’s hard to choose! We’ve been so stingy with ourselves, so having plush new bedding, quality new kitchen tools and beautiful living room accessories is going to breathe new life into our little apartment!

Any tips for balancing wedding planning with your everyday busy life?
This was a challenge – but our one piece of advice s to prioritize life. Any good employer will understand. Also take advantage of breaks! You’ll find you can become even ore efficient at work then you were.

Favorite meal to cook for two?
Our favorite meal is comfort food – gluten-free mac n cheese with roasted brussels sprouts (loaded with parmesan and olive oil).

Favorite Sunday breakfast?
Breakfast tacos

Cooking or baking?
It’s a tough call because we do more cooking these days, but we specialize in seasonally-flavored rice krispy treats.


Who’s the cook between the two of you?
We’re both capable cooks, thank goodness, but Veronica has a knack for making something out of what appears to be nothing in the fridge.

Go-to recipe for dinner parties or potlucks?
Tom makes amazing coffee-chocolate cupcakes; Veronica’s white chocolate mango rice krispy treats are marginally famous.

Tips on decorating when you have people over?
Enough seats, enough food, enough booze – and of course, good music.

Favorite cocktail?
We make a cocktail called the Ladybug (named after our dog) – it’s Bulleit Bourbon, Sorel liqueur and a sprinkle of nutmeg.

Best party you’ve hosted or attended together?
Our wedding, obviously!!


See some of their favorite items below and check out their entire registry here

 1. Le Creuset Whistling Kettle
2. Waterford Mad Men Circon Double Old Fashioned Glass, Set of 2 
3. City Wine Tours Intimate Wine Tasting Tour


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