#ZolaCouple: Meet Veronica & Kris, Design-Savvy Duo

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Meet interior design boss, Veronica and her fiancé/business partner Kris. Both got their start in the television industry, with Veronica on ABC’s hit TV show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. Kris, a production & project manager in NYC, met Veronica in the fall of 2012 on another design show and the rest is history. Individually, this #ZolaCouple is a force to be reckoned with, and together they make a powerfully creative and design-savvy duo. From falling head over heels in love to traveling the world together, read their story below:

How did you meet?
V: Kris and I fell in love while working together on a TV show. Some may call encounters like this a “show-mance”, but we knew it was something special. I was offered a job opportunity in New York to run an art department for four months. I said yes and that’s how I met the sweetest New Yorker that ever lived.

K: She landed on a red eye at JFK and drove into Jersey. With crazy hair and A TON of luggage, she walked by my office… I glanced up at her in awe, and you probably wouldn’t guess what happened next? I fell out of my chair, and I have been falling for her ever since.

How did he propose?
My family had a trip planned to New York after Kris and I were wrapping out a TV show in Atlanta. After 3 years of dating, we were both so excited to finally introduce our families and to show mine around our neighborhood in Chelsea. Little did I know that this family trip would go down as one for the books.

In the middle of Manhattan, in his high school church, with only my family, he walked me up to the alter and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. You guys the church is STUNNING! It truly felt as though we were standing in the middle of Rome. With Neo-Baroque architectural details, the 1800’s church was the perfect place to say “YES!”. You felt the history and the love around you.

My siblings and dad were in on the whole surprise, my mom wasn’t so she fell to her knees crying! It was hysterical. We all left the church with huge smiles from ear to ear.


What was the first thing you did after you got engaged?
After I became a fiancé, eeeeekk 🙂 My dad took us all to a Mets/Dodgers game, which to my dads delight, ended with a win for LA. We ended the night with a private party at the Frying Pan, a 1920’s, previously abandoned 133 foot boat overlooking the Hudson River. We celebrated till the sun came up with our New York family! Magical is an understatement.

What is your favorite gift from your registry?
It would have to be the honeymoon fund we created. We love to travel and share our experiences with our loved ones. Being able to create a gift where our family and friends can contribute to was really exciting! We are also excited about the Vitamix and the Vision Toaster! For date nights, we LOVE the Farmers Market Subscription and the Monthly Wine Club.

Any tips for balancing wedding planning with your everyday busy life?
ONE BIG MASSIVE CHECKLIST!! I also think its important to set aside time to talk specifically about the wedding and the planning. Kris and I work together and sometimes I will go off on tangents and start talking about the wedding. It’s important to give the wedding dedicated time. That way you can focus and enjoy all of the planning like you should. There are so many wedding horror stories and it doesn’t have to be like that. To us the planning has been the best part!


Favorite meal to cook for two?
Our Herb Roasted Chicken with Seasonal Vegetables or a good soup. They are both super easy and take little to no prep! We love cooking our dinners with a wine in hand, while playing our favorite tunes in the background. These are some of our favorites memories to date.

Go-to dinner on a week night?
Ramen or sushi takeout!!

Favorite Sunday breakfast?
We love brunching in the city! We talk about CookShop in Chelsea more than the average human, but we honestly are so obsessed with their menu and bloody mary’s. We work from home a lot, so the weekends are a time for us to get out of the house and treat ourselves.

Cooking or baking?
Cooking, for sure. I typically create the menu, we both curate the ingredients, Kris loves to cook it, and I plate it. It’s a team effort! 🙂


Go-to recipe for dinner parties or potlucks?
Cheese plates are a MUST to start it off! We are all about family style and potluck, but keeping the setting more intimate like a candlelit dinner party.

Tips on decorating when you have people over?
I love the feeling you have the day of throwing a gathering. We love rushing to the flower mart to grab fresh blooms and, of course, checking out our farmers markets. When you have guest over, put effort into those tiny details. Guests notice things like music and flowers. It takes 5 seconds to handwrite their name on a little card for their dinner setting. The prettiest details are always in the smallest of details.

Would you rather be the host or the guest?
We are obsessed with hosting! We travel so much, we rarely get to have guests over… but when we do, we go all out!! Flowers, table settings, playlists, candles, cocktails, twinkle lights… the whole nine yards.


Favorite cocktail?
Kris loves a good Bloody Mary. The bigger and more vegetables and bacon it’s garnished with, the better. Mine depends on the mood. Typically, during the day I love a really, really, really spicy margarita. At nighttime, we both love a great Old Fashioned and a Netflix movie.

Best party you’ve hosted or attended together?
It will probably be our wedding! HA! So much love into all of the little details, Kris and I cannot wait to party with everyone we love under one roof.

What are you most looking forward to after the big day?
11/11/16 will be the big day! We cannot wait to start our lives together as husband and wife. We already are best friends and business partners and cannot wait to grow our little family. Our dog Duke needs a brother or sister…. he is so amazing with all of the little kids in our family. We also cannot wait to make our parents, grandparents and our siblings, aunts and uncles!


Check out Veronica & Kris’ registry here.

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  1. Joyce and George Coury says

    That is an adorable chronicle of your beginnings…so special and so predictable..and you two are so right for each other….we are so happy to have been able to share your special day….we know you will have a wonderful life of love and family…..you two are so lucky….we wish you the very best that life has to offer……

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