#ZolaCouple, Engagement Story and Long Time Loves: Avery & Sean

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What started off as a middle school friendship blossomed into a romantic engagement many years in the making. Read on to learn about Sean and Avery’s quest for the perfect East Village brunch and their easy entertainment tips.

How did you meet?
We met way back in middle school and became good friends. Freshman year of high school we had several classes together and became close and decided that we wanted to take our friendship to the next level. We’ve known each other for over half our lives at this point. Our relationship has grown far beyond what we could have imagined back when we were only 15.

How did you get engaged?
Sean is an accountant, so after taxes were completed we both decided to take Friday off and enjoy the day together. We went to our favorite Mexican restaurant for dinner and were talking about our future and our life together, when Sean asked me if I would marry him. I was in shock and surprised in the best way possible. I thought he was going to propose over our anniversary vacation we were planning for later that summer. For both of us it was never about if we were going to get married, it was always about when would be the best time. We were both so excited we immediately started talking about where, when and who was going to be involved.

averyandsean1What was the first thing you did after you got engaged?
We first called our parents and told them the news, then our siblings, and we waited until the next morning to call our grandparents. There was a lot of excited yells, and tears of joy over the phone. As for the rest of our friends and family, there were so many that we wanted to tell at once and share our news with, so we shared a happy picture of the two of us and posted it on social media (probably not proper bridal etiquette, but we were so happy we didn’t care.)

What are you most excited for on your registry?
I’m probably most excited for the Dyson V6 Animal Cordless Stick Vacuum. It sounds lame, but it represents us moving into a new apartment that will allow for us to have a dog so buying a vacuum that is specifically for our future ‘fur baby’ is very exciting! Sean’s most excited for the golden turtle – no need to explain it, it’s just awesome!

Any tips for balancing wedding planning with your everyday busy life?
Most of my bridesmaids and friends keep saying that I am the ‘most chill’ bride. I used to work in the bridal industry myself, so I was prepared for the realities of planning for a wedding. Knowing what to prioritize and having a timeline of booking for vendors is probably the #1 reason I am so relaxed 2 months out from our wedding date. My advice is to try and get as much done as early as possible, and delegate jobs to people you trust early on in the planning. This way, if an issue arises, there is time to work it out. This mindset goes with my entire life motto – be prepared for the worst and hope for the best!

averyandsean2Favorite meal to cook for two?
We are a huge fan of tacos, as you can tell by where we got engaged! I love to make any variation of tacos and homemade guacamole to top them with.

Go-to dinner on a weeknight? 
It would have to be a dish of quinoa with veggies and some protein added in. I like to balance it off with a fresh salad with a simple light dressing of extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper and fresh lemon juice.

Favorite Sunday breakfast? 
We love living in the Lower East Side because there are so many great places right outside that serve amazing brunch. I usually get some form of eggs benny and Sean goes for huevos rancheros. If we stay in, then it’s avocado toast with eggs, and some yummy espresso.

Cooking or baking? 
I used to work in a bakery and started off baking before cooking. Now I really like to cook, since you don’t have to follow a strict recipe, which allows for some fun and creativity in the kitchen. I actually find it really relaxing to come home and make a meal after working.

Go-to recipe for dinner parties or potlucks? 
I am a fan of any kind of chip & dip combo, especially for parties. I am an even bigger fan of a good cheese board with veggies, fruits, nuts, jams and fresh bread. If I am a guest I will bring ingredients over to make a fun seasonal cocktail.

averyandsean3Tips on decorating when you have people over? 
Having the proper lighting to make your place feel cozy is key and fresh flowers are my favorite to decorate with. I usually don’t use overhead lighting and stick with table lamps and always love to have candles burning throughout the apartment. It just sets a great vibe and smells good too.

Would you rather be the host or the guest? 
This is a tough one! I love to host because I like to do things for other people – it just makes me happy. All my friends are great hosts too and I always have a wonderful time being their guest. It is a good endless cycle between us going back and forth between hosts and guests.

averyandsean4Favorite cocktail? 
I feel like my drink choice changes with the season, but my go-to is usually a good whiskey and ginger. Sean’s is a good glass of whiskey on the rocks (clearly we are both Irish!)

Best party you’ve hosted or attended together? 
Over the past few years we have been to a crazy amount of weddings for friends and family. If you think about it, a wedding really is the best party anyone will throw and is all about celebrating love, so to be asked to be involved is really special. Hopefully the best ‘party’ we host will be this New Year’s Eve when we tie the knot!

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