“Making memories… A second time around.”

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By Claudia Gonzalez Romo soon to be Claudia Romo Edelman

Making memories. And making peace with past memories. That’s what life is truly all about. I am marrying my best friend and someone I can truly call my partner in everything I do. But more than the music, the flowers, and all those beautiful details that are inherent to most wedding celebrations, are the memories that were created with friends and family celebrating with us from all over the world; our one on one connections, dancing together, laughing together, breaking bread together. This immediate global family that will celebrate my wedding with me is also what has inspired me to be a special advisor on a non for profit near and dear to my heart, called We Are All Human. The mission of this non-profit is that of reaffirming the idea that before anything else, we are one human family.

It hurts me to see how much the divisive language and discrimination has gained traction over the last years. I am determined to use my time and effort including donating my wedding presents to promote radical inclusion, diversity, tolerance and to fight xenophobia and biases so present online and offline in different industries. I see that very clearly around the Hispanic community in America and I would like to help promote Latina entrepreneurs; a strong community of adventurous woman that create more small businesses in America than any other group in the country.

I am truly blessed to have an immediate global family, to create a new, extended global family though outreach of my work at UNICEF and supporting organizations like We Are All Human almost on the heels of getting married to the best man in the world. I am humbled by the memories we can create as husband and wife and am excited of the memories we can make with our new extended global family.

You cannot ask for more than sharing a passion for the world and big dreams about making it better than with your partner. Richard and I met at WEF annual meeting in Davos, a long time ago. We became friends because of the admiration we had for each other’s careers.

A fun fact about us as a couple is that we are so different in many ways that we complement amazingly each other, starting with our areas of expertise, we share the intensity for sports and exercise, but most of all traveling around the world. We are totally into the local experiences within every trip. Traveling has made us grow stronger together, know each other’s thoughts deeply on so many levels. We enjoy to spend time with our families and friends.

The actual proposal happened in Egypt in the temple of Abusymbel which is a symbol of the love story between Ramses II and his beloved wife Nefaratis. When Richard kneeled down, I stumbled and lost my breath not only because there was a beautiful engagement ring in front of me, but because I had food poisoning from the night before and was feeling “under the weather”, so it was a massive moment of excitement and concern that I could get sick. On him. But when he popped the question I just simply screamed “Yes!”

The first thing we did after we got engaged, share the great news with family and the day after, we took the official photo with the proper background, and thankfully, no more food poisoning.

Our wedding, will be akin to a modern-day fairytale; finding each other after all those years, getting to know one another and now with all our visitors from all around the world we will commit ourselves to one another with our wonderful children around us, blending a family and kicking off the next big adventure of our lives together as husband and wife.


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