College Sweethearts and #ZolaCouple: Kevin & Lea

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After 7+ years of dating through college and in New York City, Kevin sprung a surprise engagement on Lea that she was hardly expecting. Read below for registry tips and advice from the newlyweds .

How did you meet?
We went to college together at Penn.  We were friends for a few years and started dating during our senior year.  We both moved to New York after graduation and got engaged seven (!!) years later.

How did you get engaged?
Lea was in med school and she had a few weeks off in April to study for a big national standardized test.  For a couple months, her days were: wake up, study, eat lunch, study, eat dinner, study, sleep. Lea was expecting a proposal, but not really until the summer when we were going on vacation.
On a Sunday afternoon, Kevin went to the library and took Lea for a walk as a study break.  In the middle of a nearby park, with no other people in sight (and nobody to take a picture … oops) Kevin surprised Lea and got down on one knee.


What was the first thing you did after you got engaged?
We didn’t tell anyone for a few hours.  We just walked around outside for a while.  Then we opened a bottle of wine at the apartment and called our parents and our grandparents.

What was the most difficult part of registering?
Getting comfortable “committing” to a certain type of silverware, plate, spatula, etc.  For some reason, we had a tough time pulling the trigger on little things, but eventually we got over it and now we have all this awesome stuff.

What Zola product do you use the most that you received as a gift?
The Magnetic Target Key Holder from Areaware.  We hung it up next to our door and get so many compliments when we have people over.  Plus now is the first time Lea has ever been able to keep track of her keys.  People also love our matching East Coasters and West Coasters from Reed Wilson (Lea’s from Maryland and Kevin’s from California).

ceremony11 (1)

Any registry advice for other couples?
Have fun with it.  Almost all of the other parts of wedding planning can impact other people – family, guests, bridesmaids, groomsmen, etc.  Your registry is one of the only things that’s really just yours.

See some of our favorite items below and check out their entire registry here.


1. East Coasters
2. Target Magnetic Keyholder
3. Stainless Steel Butterfly Recycler


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