What’s Your Wedding Invitation Style?

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romantic wedding invitation suite with deckle edge paper and gold lettering

You might know your preferences when it comes to personal style (utilitarian with a preppy flair), lunch style (food truck tacos all the way), and musical style (late ‘90s R&B jamz). But what about your wedding invitation style? The invitation, along with your wedding website, is the first piece of information you’re sharing with your guests about your wedding’s look and feel, so be sure you’re sending the right message. The style of your wedding invite should match the overall vibe of the celebration, whether that be formal and elegant or laid-back and funky. If you’re feeling unsure about what kind of invitations really speak to you, never fear: we’ve rounded up some distinctive wedding invitation styles, with plenty of examples of each, to help guide you on your path towards total wedding planning domination.  

Vintage Floral Wedding Invitations

A little bit sweet, a little bit feminine, a lot appealing. Vintage floral styles can run the gamut from dainty to bold and dramatic, but each one conveys charm, beauty, and a touch of pretty nostalgia.

  • vintage floral wedding invitation suite
    Photo Credit || April Bennett Photography

Modern Wedding Invitations

For the cool couple who embraces clean lines and funky design, modern wedding invitations champion bold typography, moody or monotone colors, angular or geometric designs, unique symbols, and imperfectly hand-sketched lettering. If you have a Williamsburg zip code (or wish you did), look no further.

  • modern black and white wedding invitation set with geometric designs and gold accents
    Photo Credit || Chelsea Lane Photography

Classic Wedding Invitations

What you’d imagine Kate and William’s royal invitations would look like: fine, cream-colored paper covered in elegant script (or even hand calligraphy), with every element of a full paper suite included in formal, matching style. If you’re a traditionalist at heart, classic wedding invitations should appeal to the Grace Kelly in you.

  • classic wedding invitation suite with white paper, black type, and gold detail
    Photo Credit || Aaron and Jillian Photography

Romantic Wedding Invitations

Line up here if blush tones, long silk ribbons, oversized bouquets, and abundant candlelight all meet your “can’t live without” list. Romantic wedding invitations are as softly feminine and all-around dreamy as the weddings they anticipate.

  • romantic wedding invitation suite with red floral wreath and red envelope with gold calligraphy
    Photo Credit || Luma Weddings

Rustic Wedding Invitations

Rustic wedding style takes ordinary, homespun, or repurposed materials and elevates them to new levels of shabby chic. These rustic invitations incorporate details like lace, burlap, twine, and wood grain for a look that’s equal parts relaxed elegance and laid-back charm.

  • rustic wedding invitation suite with blue and tan color scheme
    Photo Credit || Aaron and Jillian Photography

Simple Wedding Invitations

Sometimes simpler is just better. If you have minimalist tastes, want to let high-quality materials claim the spotlight, or prefer to focus your design pizzazz on other aspects of the festivities, then understated elegance is the name of your game.

  • simple graphic wedding invitation suite with orange lettering
    Photo Credit || Jolie Conner Photography

Natural Wedding Invitations

Whether it be actually depicting scenes from nature on your wedding invitations, or just using naturally sourced or organically-inspired design elements, natural wedding style is simultaneously unfussy and refined, like a breath of fresh (woodsy) air.

  • natural wedding invitation suite with blue mountain design and dark green pine trees
    Photo Credit || Rudy & Marta Photography

Preppy Wedding Invitations

When graphic elements like stripes, dots, and monograms mix with bright florals, happy colors, and traditional refinement, you’ve got yourself preppy wedding style. These invitations set the tone perfectly for a polished, playful partay.

  • preppy wedding invitation with bright colors in abstract polka dot pattern
    Photo Credit || Katelyn James Photography

Featured Photo Credit || Shell Creek Photography


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