Wedding Favor Ideas We Love

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Small framed paintings tied with ribbon and tags as wedding favors on a table

We’re big fans of giving wedding favors to your guests. After all, these folks took the time to come to your wedding, buy you a fabulous gift from your wedding registry (let’s hope), and maybe even attend your engagement party or wedding shower (which means more gifts, natch). So why not return the love and give them a little memento to take home and enjoy? Granted, if you’re thinking your only options are bubbles or keychains stamped with your wedding date, we can see why you might want to skip it. But there are really so many classy, creative favor ideas to consider. Plus a gorgeous wedding favor display is another way to amp up your reception décor and showcase your wedding style.

Stumped for what to give guests as a thank-you? Here are some of our favorite wedding favor ideas.

Pink personalized wedding favor bags from couple Sarah and Mark

Photo Credit || Lovesome Photography

Jars O’ Jam Or Honey

These little guys always look so cute and delicate. We can guarantee you that your guests will love not only the look of them, but most certainly the sweet stuff they find inside.

mini mason jars of jam with blue plaid fabric tops as wedding favors

Photo Credit || Kristin Boyett Photography


jars of honey as wedding favors

Photo Credit || Luke and Ashley Photography

Potted Plants & Packets Of Seeds

Not only are these wedding favors environmentally A+, but mini potted plants can double as place cards and look très chic on your dinner tables. Along similar lines, give out packets of wildflower seeds with a message like “Grow the love!” Your guests can plant flowers in their gardens and think of how awesome your wedding was every time they’re outside.

mini potted succulent plant as wedding favor on dinner table

Photo Credit || Suzanne Karp

packets of flower seeds as wedding favors

Photo Credit || Adrian Etheridge Photography

Keep It Local

We love the idea of Georgia brides giving out peaches to their guests, and Seattle brides sending their guests home with coffee beans. No matter where your wedding takes place, you’ll always be able to find some local flair with which to thank and say goodbye to your guests. One of our Napa couples even sent their guests home with a bottle of olive oil from the bride’s family’s own olive trees.


mini glass bottles of olive oil as wedding favors

Photo Credit || JoPhoto

Keep ‘Em Cool and Comfy

If you’re getting married in, say, hot-hot Charleston in the summer, gift your guests a cute fan or parasol to make sure they’re not dripping as they watch you exchange your vows. If you’re having a beach ceremony, inexpensive flip-flops are a welcome treat for guests trying to navigate the sand in heels and dress loafers, and personalized sunglasses make for great group photos (and are a practical gift for guests to use after the wedding).

fans in bin

Photo Credit || Lauren Miles Photography

flip flops on beach favor

Photo Credit || Living Water Images

Personalized blue sunglasses on a white folding chair as a wedding favor

Photo Credit || Living Water Images

Keep It Sweet

Set up a candy bar and have your guests create their own goodie bag to take to the little ones at home (or devour the minute they hit the shuttle bus).

Multicolored candy in glass jars on display as a wedding favor

Photo Credit || Maine Tinker Photography

Keep It Practical

Consider a user-friendly drinking glass as a wedding favor. Whether you’re on Team Mason Jar or you prefer something a bit more unique, like handmade ceramic mugs, place beverage glasses labeled with guests’ names at their place settings and allow them to refill them at the bar throughout the night. Guests can then take them home and think of your fabulous wedding every time they need to hydrate.

mason jars as wedding favors

Photo Credit || L Elizabeth Events

These are just a few wedding favor ideas—be sure to check out Zola’s entire offering of great wedding favor gift options, and discover your favorite way to show your gratitude to your guests.

Feature Photo Credit || Sera Petras Photography



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