Wedding Day Gift Ideas from the Groom to His Bride

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groom giving bride ring

Today, we’re compiling a list of wedding day gift ideas that will leave your lady speechless on the morning of your big day. We can pretty much guarantee that any of these items will be well received, so tune in and get to gifting.

A Note

If the two of you have decided not to exchange wedding day gifts (after all, you’re already giving each other the best gift of all—each other), then we suggest you at least write her a love note to open on the morning of her wedding day. Not only is this incredibly sweet, but she’ll love to hear a little something from you before she meets you down the aisle. This note will also make an incredible keepsake, and the photos of her reading it will be priceless.

bride reading note and tearing up on the beach

Photo Credit || Mariah Milan

A Little Bling

A traditional gift for the groom to give a bride on the big day is some jewelry to finish her wedding day look. A pair of classic diamond studs is something she’ll be able to wear for the rest of her life and goes well with any wedding dress—not to mention a pair of jeans and a T-shirt—or consider a diamond tennis bracelet. If your girl is a little less traditional, team up with a bridesmaid who knows your bride’s gown so she can help you choose something that will coordinate without giving too much away. And hey, even if the bling of your choice doesn’t end up working with her wedding day look, that’s okay too. She’ll still love it.

pair of sparkly earrings

Photo Credit || JoPhoto

An Amazing Pair Of Heels

For many women, there’s one brand of luxe designer shoes that she’s always wanted. For some it might be Louboutins; for others, it might be Jimmy Choo or Manolo Blahnik. Additionally, if your bride is like most girls, these pricey collectibles aren’t something you buy on a whim, which is exactly why they make such an amazing gift.

Pair of red bottom shoes for wedding

Photo Credit || Limelight Photography

Something Monogrammed

Give her something to celebrate her new initials, if she’s changing her name. Whether it’s a monogrammed robe, napkin, or pajamas, she’ll love sporting her new alphabetical identity.

Monogrammed waffle robe

Photo Credit || Sean Money + Elizabeth Fay

An Heirloom

Give her a wedding day gift that can become an heirloom, or already is. Consider a treasured object that’s been around for generations as a way to welcome her to her new family, or gift her a locket with one of your engagement photos placed inside. However you spin this, the thought will no doubt be appreciated.

bride putting on bracelet and rings

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Other Wedding Day Gift Ideas

  • Something that reflects her hobbies or personality. Does she love photography? Consider a vintage camera. Is she a bibliophile? Maybe a first edition of her favorite novel would be just the thing.
  • Beautiful champagne glasses to toast at the wedding.
  • Something for the honeymoon. Some suggestions: a surprise activity, one night in an incredible hotel, dinner at a famous restaurant.
  • Something framed. A photo of you two before the engagement is a great idea, but don’t be afraid to think outside the box, like framing the ticket stubs of your first concert together.

These are just a few ideas we love, but please get creative. You know your bride best, so no matter which direction you choose to go, we’re confident you’ll leave her with a smile.

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