Top 10 Most Forgotten Wedding Day Details

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Some view wedding planning as fun and some view it as challenging, but everyone can agree that it is time-consuming. There are bound to be a few wedding day details that get lost in the cracks when you’re spending all your free time reviewing menus, choosing flowers, wording invitations… the list goes on. It is no surprise then that even the most obvious essentials can be forgotten. Some of these details are minute and can be added to your wedding checklist with ease, but some are so integral that they could possibly cause big issues on your wedding day. So without further ado, in no particular order, here are the top ten wedding day details you (and your vendors) should keep in mind when planning for your beautiful day.

1. Cake Knife & Server

Let’s start off small. Although caterers will cut the cake and distribute it to your guests, don’t forget that you may want to take a photo of the cake cutting, and having a lovely set in your hands helps make for a nice photograph. If you don’t bring along a special cake knife/server, your caterer will likely not have a nice set for you to borrow, as they are often cutting this dessert (away from guests) with a regular knife and spatula.

two grooms cutting a wedding cake in black and white film

Photo Credit || Susan Kalergis

2. Rentals

In the midst of your excitement when booking a venue, particularly if it’s a winery or a ranch, you might underestimate what kind of rentals may be needed or forget about them completely. Your rental bill can cost as much as half of your catering budget, so it is important that you take this into account. You should always ask your venue what they provide, from tables to dinnerware. Also keep in mind the weather, logistics, and the time of day your festivities occur. Will you need heaters? Should you have umbrellas? Should restrooms be rented to accommodate your guests? These are not details you want to be figuring out the day (or even the week) of your wedding.

wedding tablescape with white and gold accents

Photo Credit || Tasha Owen Photography

3. Keep Toasts Short

Want to see your guests’ eyes roll? Sit them in front of a very long-winded speech. Wedding toasts should be kept heartfelt but short, in the vicinity of three minutes—five minutes max (for a really good toast). Although you may think that five minutes seems like a short time, it is not. Many wonderful, hopefully funny memories and well-wishes can be shared in just a couple of minutes, and by judging faces, no one appreciates a the rambling best man, maid of honor, or parents. When communicating with those who will share their words at your wedding, let them know an ideal time frame right off the bat.

wedding guests toasting the bride and groom at a wedding dinner

Photo Credit || Lauren Baker Photography

4. Eat During The Day

When you have to get dressed in your wedding attire, get your hair and makeup done, then look your best for photos early in the day, get some fuel in you (along with your wedding party)! Remember that the next time you sit down to eat will be hours away, after much schmoozing, and there is a chance you may not even get to eat a full dinner. Keep yourself happy and healthy by ordering food to be delivered to your getting-ready locale, or by assigning your wedding coordinator or another helpful person to keep snacks readily available.

groom feeding a bride a doughnut sitting in a bar cafe

Photo Credit || Ibay Photography

5. Vendors Need To Eat, Too

Most vendors who have been working a majority of the day should have a break during dinner, preferably exactly when the couple is eating, to ensure that they are re-charged and ready to jump to the next moment in the timeline. Even if a vendor’s contract does not state that s/he needs a meal break, you should certainly take it upon yourself to gauge their hours and provide meals as needed. You should also remember to provide a table and chairs, away from guests and designated for your vendors, so that they can actually sit and rest while eating. A happy vendor means a better wedding day experience for everyone. 133-7806

6. Subtle Touches Can Make A Huge Impact

If you’d like to create an ambience of subtle elegance throughout your wedding, don’t forget the small things. We don’t mean by way of specific décor, but more so in how things are designed and executed. Investing money in beautiful linens, even just for the head table, will elevate your wedding design. Even the art of folding napkins to match your dining style, adding a chandelier, or a few uplights will do wonders!

white wedding table setting with a peach accent

Photo Credit || Dominique Attaway Photography

7. Your Photographer Is An Artist

You have hired your photographer because you saw something in them that immediately caught your eye. When you spoke, you just knew this person would help ensure that your wedding day is beautifully captured. So why create an impossibly long, overly directive list of “must-have” shots? Your photographer wants to do their best to please you, but they must work with time and light. If you give a photographer a long list of images or very detailed instructions, you have taken away a huge part of what you have hired them to do in the first place: to capture your wedding day through their artistic talent and skill. Make a short list to guide your photographer, including names of immediate family and close friends who should be photographed during cocktail hour, but it’s best not to dictate a list of complicated shots.

8. Your Guests Will Eat Cake

For the past few years, the dessert table trend has held steady. Sweet morsels are very tempting and so hard to step away from, which is why guests, no matter what, will be drawn to the dessert bar. This also means that they will also eat the sweets presented to them, even at the beginning of the reception. If you have a dessert table without a designated attendant, it is absolutely imperative that you place a small sign on it requesting that guests wait until after dinner to indulge. Otherwise, don’t be surprised to see guests walking around with a glass of wine and a half-eaten cupcake before you even make your grand entrance.

Display of mini chocolate cupcakes with white frosting on a clear acrylic tiered stand, topped with a giant red velvet cupcake with white frosting

Photo Credit || Art of Roxy Photography

9. Reception Tables Look Good With Chairs

Sometimes, your wedding budget versus your wedding vision just don’t match. Couples usually begin to eliminate bits and pieces to keep costs down, and many times, it leads ceremony chairs being re-purposed as dining chairs. This does not usually present a problem, but you must remember that your photographer will usually shoot photographs of the reception area before your guests arrive. If the chairs are not present, the photograph simply looks odd: a beautifully set table with empty space where the chairs should be. If you absolutely must use only one set of chairs, do not forget to ask your photographer to go back to the reception area sometime before the guests enter (usually during cocktail hour) so that you can get shots of a complete setup.

reception room at a wedding with round tables and white tablecloths but no dining chairs

Photo Credit || Lessie Blue Photography

10. That This Is Your Wedding

Blogs and Pinterest are wonderful sources of inspiration, but it is so important not to lose touch with who you and your partner are simply because something is momentarily popular. By the time your wedding date comes, new trends will appear, and you may find yourself in “The Sea of Pins.” Select design inspirations that truly speak to you and your loved one because they represent your life together. Even popular calligraphy fonts have their expiration date.

Of course, you’ll never forget a single wedding day detail once you’ve discovered our extremely life-saving Weddings Checklist tool. Add in all of your important to-dos, customize it to your liking (do you want a lot of reminders, or just a few?), and even incorporate specific cultural or religious wedding traditions that you want to remember in your planning. Did we say live-saving? You know it.

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