The Shocking Truth About Getting Engaged

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couple kissing after getting engaged

If you’re like 40% of Zola couples, you became (or will become) engaged during the magical window of the calendar year we know as Engagement Season: the roughly twelve weeks between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day. What’s even more overwhelming than the engagement wildfire that will soon begin sweeping through your social media is the number of couples who began planning their weddings BEFORE a proposal was even uttered…60%! Based on a survey we did of over 1,000 engaged and newlywed couples, Zola’s got all the dirt on how real-life couples actually approach the thought of marriage during a long-term relationship. Read on (and check out our cool infographic below) for more fascinating stats about when, how, and under what circumstances Zola couples travel down the Road to the Ring.

infographic from Zola on couples behaviors before getting engaged

The Long and Winding Road

Don’t fret if you’re going on year two, three, four, and no proposal is in sight: at least a quarter of Zola couples date for 6 years or more before getting engaged. But on the other hand, if that sort of plodding route to the altar feels too uncertain for you, you’re in decent company. 26% of survey participants admitted they considered giving their partner an ultimatum about proposing.

Surprising Lack of Surprise

Gone seem to be the days where the overwhelming majority of proposals are shockers—only 30% of surveyed couples reported that their “Will you marry me?” moment was a total surprise. And even if the proposal itself was unexpected, the topic of getting hitched certainly loomed large well in advance: 40% of respondents reported discussing marriage once a week during the six months prior to their engagement, and 50% of couples went ring shopping together.

Practical Preppers: Pre-Proposal Planning

Continuing on the themes of communication, honesty, and openness about whether or not a relationship is headed down the aisle, Zola couples show no discomfort in jumping the wedding planning gun. More than half (60%) of couples began planning their big day before they were even engaged, thinking through such minute details as their wedding hashtag or their cake flavors. 15% of couples even selected their wedding venue before popping the question! (Let’s just hope those deposits were refundable—just in case.)

Just-In-Case Manicures

Even if the majority of our Zola couples’ proposals were not complete surprises, potential future-brides still wanted to look good for the occasion. 30% of women surveyed confessed to getting a manicure simply because they *thought* they might get engaged. The top nail color picks for freshly bejeweled fingers? Pink, natural (no color), white, red, and sparkles.

Post-Ring-Popping Revelery

Of course, whatever amount of cake tasting, relationship negotiations, or nail art that came before, getting engaged to your partner is a HUGE and exciting deal! Zola couples in our survey certainly didn’t shy away from celebrating, for good reason. While 40% of couples splurged on a photographer to document the big question, 50% opted to pose for engagement photos well after the fact. And a whopping 70% of couples celebrated, ahem, between the sheets with acts of intimacy on their engagement day. Anything for love, amiright?

Are you planning (or planning on being “surprised” by) an engagement of your own this upcoming Engagement Season? Leave us a comment below letting us know about your ring-popping plans, and whether you relate to any of our Zola couples’ engagement experiences. Happy proposals!



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