The Anatomy of a Wedding Envelope

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wedding invitation suite with dark gray envelopes and white calligraphy

This isn’t rocket science, folks—a wedding envelope is not that much different than a regular old envelope in terms of what you write on it and how you use it. But a wedding envelope DOES enclose and transport a very valuable piece of paper: your wedding invitation. So at the risk of being extra informative, we’ve broken down exactly what you should write on (or stick to) your wedding envelope and where, so you can craft your wedding envelopes with peace of mind. Come on: envelope with us!

romantic wedding invitation suite with pink watercolor background and hot pink envelope

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Anatomy of a Wedding Invitation Envelope:

Return address

Your guests are being invited by—and should be replying to—the hosts. No matter who the host is, be consistent with your labeling and only provide one address as the return address on the original envelope and the response card envelope. Multiple hosts? Pick the one that works for you. NOTE: If your wedding envelope is on the small side and you don’t want to risk crowding the front of your envelope, or if you like a more formal look, put your return address on the back flap of the envelope rather than the front, upper-left corner.

Zola paper wedding invitation with couple's photo and pre-printed envelope

Recipient address

Addressing the envelope correctly ensures folks know exactly who is receiving the invitation and whom you expect to respond. If you seek the company of your friend, but not her mother who used to critique your side bangs in high school, address the envelope to only your friend. Include “and Guest” next to a recipient’s name if you’re allowing him or her a plus one (and you don’t know their date’s name).

Zola paper wedding invitations with a couple's photo on the back and a pre-printed invitation envelope


After your invitation suite is completed, weigh a full envelope (or have the kind people at the post office do it for you) so you know just how much each invitation will cost to mail. Do the math, determine your total cost, then stock up on adequate postage of your choosing to ensure your invites will successfully reach their destinations. Read more of our postage pointers here, including advice for choosing a lovely stamp assortment that vibes with your wedding envelope design.

wedding invitations with calligraphy envelope, roses, and postage stamps

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