The 3 Things You Need To Know About Response Card Envelopes

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Paper wedding invitation and response card with envelopes sold on Zola in the Violin Portrait design

We’ve already given you the general rundown on wedding invitation response cards: what they are, what they should include, and how you should word them. But if you’re knee-deep in wedding invitations right now (we hope not literally, although you never know), you probably need all the advice you can get on the finer minutiae of your invitation suite. Fear not: here is all you really need to know about the response card envelopes.

Paper wedding invitation and RSVP card with envelopes arranged on a wicker round placement with tangerine escort cards sold on

The Morrison Rise invitation suite from Zola

1. Include Postage

If you want your guests to actually put your response card in the mail and send it back to you, then you’re going to need to remove all barriers to action for them. Make sure you include the proper amount of postage (usually just a standard letter-rate stamp) on each response card envelope that you include with your invitations. Beyond simple convenience, it’s slightly rude to make your guests hunt around for a stamp (or go buy a whole roll) because you’re asking them to do you a solid and mail something back in return.

rustic vintage hipster wedding invitation suite in black and tan with pink stamps and pheasant feathers

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2. Address Them

Keeping with the same theme, don’t make your invitees do more work than they have to. Their job is to decide whether they will or will not attend the party of the year (a.k.a. your nuptials), and then fill out the response card appropriately, place in the provided envelope, and mail it back (hopefully) on time. Your job is to provide them with all the info they need to make that decision (which you covered with your invitation wording and your wedding website), as well as the proper materials. An addressed response card envelope is 100% part of “the proper materials.” How else will they know where to send it? At the risk of being repetitive, you want to make it super-easy for guests to write their name, check a box, and shoot this puppy back to you—any additional task or distracting middle step could thwart their attention and follow-through.

wedding invitation suite displayed on a silver tray with pink flowers and greenery

Photo Credit || Hello Lovely Images

3. Send Them To the Right Person

While you do have to address your response card envelopes, you don’t necessarily have to address them to yourself and your partner. If you’ve hired a wedding planner or coordinator, your planner may prefer for the response cards to be sent to him/her for streamlined tracking and prepping. Or perhaps your or your partner’s parents are helping with the planning or actually hosting the wedding. If this is the case, address the response card envelopes to the appropriate parent or set of parents. Essentially, just address the response card envelopes to the person(s) who will be responsible for collecting, tracking, and generally organizing your invitation RSVPs.

Paper wedding RSVP card by Zola in Camden Horizon design in color Green

RSVP card from Zola’s Camden Horizon invitation suite

See, that wasn’t so bad, right? It’s only three things! You got this. Follow these pointers, and you’ll be flush with RSVP response cards—in their perfectly appointed envelopes, no less—in no time. Happy mailing!



  1. Elise Hartmann says

    Is it ok to forgo response cards and instead request the RSVP by email or on the website? If so, where on the invitation would you mention this?

    • Kate Lynn Nemett says

      Hi Elise,

      Yes, if you want guests to RSVP either via email or on your wedding website, that’s perfectly fine. Here are suggestions for how to word either scenario on your invitation:

      “Please send your reply by [DATE] to [EMAIL ADDRESS].”

      “Please reply by [DATE] on our wedding website: [WEBSITE ADDRESS]”

      Hope this helps!

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