How to Pick Your Father-Daughter Dance Song

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Picking THE song for your father-daughter dance can be a real head-scratcher. There are a lot of feels in the air that day. So do you go sentimental? Or do keep things fun and upbeat? We get it, it’s a difficult decision. So here are a few tips to help guide your song search.

Step one: Pick your mood.

Make this a joint decision with you dear old dad. Would you both rather jump around and get silly? Or would you like to keep it elegant and nostalgic? Settling on this will help narrow down your song options out there.

Step two: Practice, practice, practice.

Whether you’re doing a traditional slow dance or full-blown choreographed routine, it never hurts to rehearse. Even if you do it just once or twice (or take a dance lesson), it’ll cut down on any jitters or potentially awkward moments.

Step three: Share the love.

Do you two not enjoy the spotlight? Consider inviting other couples—the groom and mother of the bride, the groom’s parents—to join you on the dance floor and make it one big family affair.

Step four: Keep it short and sweet.

A lot of times, you’ve got a couple options when it comes to a version of a song, one long and one short. Our advice: go with the latter. As wonderful and sweet as this part of your wedding is, a five-minute song can feel like an eternity to your guests as they gaze at you two swaying on the floor. Keep the night moving with the abridged edition of the song.

Step five: Consider waterproof mascara.

This tends to be one of the most emotional moments of the entire day, so yes, pick the waterproof mascara and perhaps keep tissues nearby.

Need some song inspiration? Check out our playlist of father-daughter dance songs from real Zola brides. And if we missed something great, hit us up on Instagram (@zola) with your rec. We’ll add it in!



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