Photography Tips for a Smooth Wedding Day by Astrid Photography

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23_astridphotography_potomac_view_terrace_388740010008-2-2Photos by Astrid Photography

We are so excited to welcome the lovely Astrid, one of Washington DC’s Top Wedding Photographers! Here to share pro tips for the big day, keep reading for incredible photography insight to get the most out of your wedding day.

Meet Astrid, International
Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer


Q: Tell us about yourself
A: I am Astrid, an international wedding photographer based out of DC. I have a deep love for traveling, home decor, fashion, entertaining and all thing food! Cheese boards are my love language.

Q: How did you get into the wedding photography business?
A: I got into wedding photography when I started my blog (before blogs blew up!) back in 2008. I was taking photos of my friend’s kids and posting about them on my blog and Facebook. As we know what happens with the power of social media, the more I posted, the more people saw my work and next thing I know I have many inquiries for weddings, family photos, events…etc. I never could have dreamed that I would end up where I am today. At the time, I was working my full time corporate job and shooting on the weekends just honored that someone would be willing to pay me! Overtime, I left the job, jumped into full-time photography with both feet, my heart pounding and a bottle of vodka… and as they say the rest is history.

Q: What is your favorite part of the job?
A: My favorite part of my job is that it’s ever-changing. No two weddings are ever the same and its fascinating to see the trends change from year to year. I am also so honored that my couples have entrusted me to document the beginning of their journey. Then they come back when they are starting a family, and I get to go along on that journey too. They make me feel like a part of the family and I never take that for granted.

Of course, it can be a grueling industry to be in, but simultaneously the absolute best. For example, right now I am in NYC for Bridal Market. My job is to be in NYC, meeting all these great people and reporting on all these gorgeous dresses for the United With Love blog. My job takes me all over the world, and for that I can never be grateful enough.


Astrid Photography


Astrid Photography

More from Astrid…

We are going to hand it over to Astrid to share her tips for all things wedding photography. From the First Look to the wedding day timeline, here are major tips to master it all:


Astrid Photography

Day of Wedding Tips

The biggest piece of advice I can give for the timeline is to ensure all of your vendors are on the same page. Think about what your priorities are. For example, if you want your reception details covered, but we are not done with photos until you are being announced, that is not going to work.   A strong timeline makes for a stress-free wedding day, and I cannot stress that enough!

To Do a First Look or Not?

Whether or not to do a First Look is truly a personal decision. There is no right or wrong, so I simply like to educate my couples so that they can make the choice best for them.

Benefits of a First Look
  • Probably the biggest benefit of doing a First Look is that you get all the photos done before the ceremony, so afterwards you can join your family + friends at cocktail hour. My couple’s all tell me it was the best feeling to be able to just enjoy the party with their family and friends once the ceremony was over.
  • It provides an intimate setting for you both to see each other for the first time. Many of my couples love that moment being a special, private moment they will remember. Especially couples who prefer not to have that moment be when you have 200 other guests watching.
  • Depending on the time of year, you could end up with more bride and groom portraits. We typically have much more time for portraits before the ceremony, versus after the ceremony when we have about 1 hr to cover your bride + groom portraits, your entire bridal party and the family photos
  • I really can’t think of any cons to doing a First Look!

Astrid Photography

Preserving the Memories

I truly believe everyone should be printing their photos. Nothing makes me cringe like the thought of a USB of your wedding images collecting dust year after year in a random drawer. Make an album or a gallery wall or some small 4x6s. I don’t care how you do it, but a USB stashed in a drawer or a folder on the computer is no way to honor your precious memories.

At Zola, we offer endless opportunities to preserve your wedding day photos. Check out our offerings below in partnership with Artifact Uprising:


Photo by Artifact Uprising

A big thank you to Astrid for sharing her wealth of knowledge with us! In case you missed it, check out our live Q&A with Astrid, sharing more tips, tricks and words of advice!

Keep up with Astrid: | @AstridPhoto | Facebook

Do you have any wedding day tips to share? Let us know in the comments section below!



  1. Excellent tips! Wedding is incomplete without photography. These are the lovely snaps and even after years, these beautiful memories will remain the same. Thank you for the lovely post!

  2. I like how you said that you should get a lot of pictures done before the ceremony in order to be able to enjoy your families. That seems like a really great wedding day photography tip that we’ll have to use when our son gets married in a few weeks. That way we can be sure to have a good day.

  3. I love reading new blogs. They inspire me to look at life, find the positive, live live and to write about it myself. I have to say that I enjoyed your post, it has give me some ideas on what to write next. I want to thank your for that.

  4. Thank you for posting this! A must share with my friends who are recently engaged! I think this would help them to get their wedding so memorable and properly organized and less hassle for the bride and groom!

  5. Its true that wedding photography always keeps memories alive. Here your tips for wedding photography really amazing.

  6. The pictures shared in this blog are so beautiful and clear. It is true that the best part of wedding photography is that no two weddings are the same and the photographers need to be mentally prepared for it. That may also be the most challenging aspect of the wedding.

  7. Thanks for sharing the details of this interview! Lovely shots! I agree, although doing the First Look depends on whether the couple would want to do it or not, I think for a photographer perspective, this is a great window of opportunity to get great portrait shots.

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