How To Figure Out Your Charleston Wedding Flower Budget

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floral centerpiece on a wedding reception table shot from above

Bursting at the seams with coastal charm and Southern hospitality, Charleston, South Carolina makes for a blissful location for couples to exchange vows. And what’s a Charleston wedding without custom bouquets full of precious blooms, or sweet floral accents at the ceremony and reception? Believe it or not, it is possible to acquire wedding flowers in Charleston that will blow your mind and not your wallet. To help you save on cash and maximize on the wedding “wow” factor, let’s get up to speed on the overall cost of wedding flowers and how to set your Charleston wedding flower budget.

bridesmaids standing in a row in mint green dresses holding bouquets of pink peonies

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While couples typically allocate between 8-10% of their wedding budget to florals, this number can vary depending on the types of flowers you use, the kinds of arrangements you want at your wedding, and your Charleston wedding florist’s experience. Below, we’ve compiled a breakdown of Charleston floral costs to better help you create a floral budget that works for you.

bride holding white flowers

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The Bridal Bouquet

It’s the bridal bouquet’s world and we’re just living in it. This arrangement is a masterpiece in itself and often the first major floral arrangement wedding guests see (not to mention it’s the star of numerous photos). On average, Charleston couples will spend between $100 and $170 on this bundle of fresh blooms, though for established wedding florists in Charleston or highly customized bouquets, your floral handful may run between $200 and $270 or higher.

bridal bouquet with pink flowers and ferns

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bride holding large bouquet of white flowers with touches of greenery

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Bridesmaid Bouquets

For members of your commitment crew, you should budget between $65 and $125 for each bridesmaid bouquet, according to Charleston wedding florist Gayla Harvey at Tiger Lily Weddings. Depending on the number of bridesmaids you have and the type of bouquets you want, the cost of your bridesmaid bouquets can add up quickly.

bridesmaids and bride holding colorful bouquets of pink, yellow, and green florals

Photo Credit || Dana Cubbage Weddings

Looking to remain budget-conscious but want to honor all the ladies (or gents) that have impacted your life? Consider making them honorary bridesmaids or bridesmen. “The honorary bridesmaids do not have to stand up at the altar, thus they would not need a full, lavish bouquet,” writes Gayla. “Instead, to make them stand out, perhaps they carry a petite posy at a quarter of the price!” We think this is a great way to recognize mothers, grandmothers, aunts, cousins, and friends without breaking the bank. Discover more types of bouquets, including petit styles like posies and nosegays, with our in-depth bouquet tutorial.

bride and bridesmaids holding pink and purple bouquets

Photo Credit || Sean Money + Elizabeth Fay

bride and bridesmaids in blue sparkly dresses holding pink bouquets

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For grooms and their gangs, Charleston couples allocate on average between $95 and $155 total for boutonnieres. However, similar to bridesmaid bouquets, the number of groomsmen and the fanciness of the boutonniere can increase costs from $190 to $250 or more.

pink rose boutonniere

Photo Credit || Photography by Verdi

three boutonnieres on a table made of pink roses, dusty milller, and succulents

Photo Credit || Dana Cubbage Weddings

Ceremony and Reception Décor

Few things are more romantic than saying “I do” in a space full of lush greenery and bold blooms, and lucky for you, Charleston happens to be home to some of the most beautiful native flora imaginable. Couples looking to decorate their venue with gorgeous blossoms tend to budget between $360 and $600 for their ceremony and reception venue décor, but can spend upwards of $1,200 for more expensive petals and elaborate designs.

outdoor wedding ceremony set up with white chairs and floral decorations

Photo Credit || Amelia + Dan

floral arrangement of pink and white flowers with greenery in a gold hobnail vase hung from a ribbon on the back of a wooden folding chair for a wedding ceremony

Photo Credit || Dana Cubbage Weddings

Want to save a few dollars without sacrificing natural eye candy? Consider booking your wedding at one of the many fabulous outdoor Charleston venues that are already full of stunning flowers and naturally striking landscapes (hello, Spanish moss-covered live oak trees!). These natural backdrops will both look great in photos and supplement simpler floral arrangements.

wedding ceremony in charleston, SC outside in front of live oak trees

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bride and groom standing in a colorful flower field

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Reception Table Centerpieces

Using floral centerpieces as reception table décor is a popular way of sprucing up any dining space with a couple’s custom flair. For more ornate and lavish centerpieces, Charleston couples can expect to pay $490 to $655 and upwards. Though on average, couples report spending between $245 and $410 on floral centerpieces for their big day.

flowers on a wedding reception table in a long rectangular planter

Photo Credit || Dana Cubbage Weddings

wedding reception space with purple floral centerpieces

Photo Credit || Amelia + Dan

Florals For The Flower Girl And Ring Bearer

For a sweet set of blossoms for the children in their wedding, Charleston couples can spend anywhere from $60 to $150. As we’ve been saying all along, if you’re thinking about designing a fancier arrangement, you should budget a bit more. Some brides and grooms have spent between $120 and $160 or more on florals for their flower girl and/or ring bearer.

floral crown for a flower girl

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Flower girl with flower crown

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Groomsmen and ring bearer showing off American flag socks

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Aisle Flower Petals

If you’ve dreamed of walking down an aisle scattered with fresh flower petals, you can estimate that you’ll need an additional $85 to $200 to make this vision come to life, but for rare blooms or those out of season, you’ll need to plan on spending more.

Aisle with flower petals and candles

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bride walking down a white flower petal lined aisle

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Budget-saving Tips

Feeling overwhelmed? We’ve got you covered with a few quick hacks to save you and your wallet from additional strain.

Recycle your bridesmaid bouquets (and ceremony décor)

One trick to maximize your floral budget is to recycle the bridesmaids’ bouquets, placing them into tabletop vases after the pictures have been taken. Let your florist, planner, or even Maid of Honor know ahead of time that you’d like to reallocate the bridesmaid bouquets and make sure the vases are ready to go. Similarly, reuse the blooms from your wedding ceremony at the reception. For example, move the large altar arrangements to the dessert table and the aisle decorations to reception table tops.

Bride and bridesmaids bouquets in vases

Photo Credit || Valerie & Co. Photographers

large fuchsia peony with spanish moss in a glass jar on a shepherd's hook as part of wedding ceremony decor

Photo Credit || Philip Casey Photography

large floral arrangement in an urn at an outdoor wedding ceremony

Photo Credit || Aaron and Jillian Photography

Think outside the vase

While no one can argue that fresh flowers don’t make a welcomed addition to bare tabletops, there are plenty of other ways to distinguish your dining space without increasing the cost of florals. Consider marking your tables with photos of you and your partner, lanterns or candles, wine bottles, vintage books, or a creation of your choosing. This can be a great way to integrate your wedding theme into the reception and add a personal touch to your fête.

stack of vintage books, candles, and square vase of flowers on a wedding reception table

Photo Credit || Aaron and Jillian Photography

Lantern and numbered wood slice as table centerpiece

Photo Credit || Amy Brown Photography

Blue bottle on vintage books as table centerpiece

Photo credit || Aurora Creative LLC

We hope we’ve made this process simpler and helped break down the elements you’ll need to consider when crafting your Charleston wedding flower budget. Now comes the fun part: choosing your blooms and reaching out to some Charleston wedding florists to bring your floral fantasies to life!

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