Honeymoon Tips: Where To Save, Where To Splurge

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Guys, honeymoons are a BIG. DEAL. Whether you embark on a honeymoon right after your wedding or opt for a weekend mini-moon as you save up for a big excursion down the road, taking time to get away with your new spouse is clutch. Besides the relaxation you’re due after months of hectic wedding planning, you’re going to want to relive all of the fabulous details and process together what just happened. (Uh, you’re married! Whoa.) To make sure you get the best info on how to plan a killer (and affordable) honeymoon, we’ve partnered with the experts at Honeymoons.com, who will be sharing all sorts of insider tips with us in the coming weeks on how to plan a romantic getaway to end all getaways.

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When it comes to budgeting for your dream honeymoon, there are certain things you definitely don’t want to skimp on. After all, it’s supposed to be your trip of a lifetime…but that doesn’t mean you should be going into debt or dipping into your savings account to pay for it. That’s why knowing where to splurge and where to save is critical—you should know what’s worth paying a little extra for to make your honeymoon the best it can be.

One basic rule of thumb is that experiences, not things, will be what you remember from your trip. So splurging on experiences you can’t have anywhere else, or won’t be able to have again for a very long time, are usually what fit into the “splurge” category. If you know how to spend smart, you can honeymoon on a budget and still have unforgettably romantic experiences at every turn.

To start off, below are a few of our favorite honeymoon ideas that are worth paying a premium for.

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Five Honeymoon Ideas for Where to Splurge

1. Accommodations: Go Big or Go Home!

It’s your honeymoon, and while you don’t want to break the bank to enjoy it, it should be special. And how special it is really begins and ends with where you stay. Instead of a normal room, splurge on a private beach cabana, a posh honeymoon suite, or that room on the top floor with stunning views of the city.

The space you’ll come back to after every honeymoon day, and wake up in every honeymoon morning, will set the bar (and the mood) for the rest of your trip. A luxurious honeymoon home base is definitely something you want to spring for.

2. Date Nights

Every night is a date night when you’re on your honeymoon. Even if you’re usually homebodies, splurge for some really over-the-top nights out. Private dinner on the beach, overlooking a glowing bio-luminescent bay? Yes please. Cocktails and tapas at a luxury rooftop restaurant, with panoramic views of the stunning cityscape below? Absolutely. These are just a couple of honeymoon ideas to get you started, but plan ahead for some big date nights that fit your personality as a couple.

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3. Activities & Experiences

There are a surprising number of unforgettable honeymoon experiences, like stargazing beneath a starry sky, that are irresistibly romantic and cost almost nothing to do. But others can cost quite a bit, and if they’re truly unique, they’re worth spending the extra money for.

To honeymoon on a budget, combine some inexpensive fun with more costly activities. This way, you’ll have a fun-filled honeymoon that won’t give you a panic attack when you check your account balances back at home.

4. First-Class Airfare

Sure, it costs a lot more, but that’s why they call it a splurge. Buying first-class tickets to your honeymoon destination will make it feel like your honeymoon has already begun the moment you’ve stepped onto the plane. In addition to being way more comfortable for long trips, you get all kinds of other perks: free drinks, tastier meals, and tons of space to cuddle in your seats (just keep the PDA reasonable—after all, you’re not at your hotel quite yet!).

5. Each Other

The best things in life, like your love for one another, money just can’t buy. So regardless of what you do during your honeymoon, remember that your most valuable romantic getaway resource is the fun you have together, celebrating your new lives as a married couple.

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If you have to skimp on things you wish you could have afforded, remember: you’ve already made magic happen by finding one another and falling in love, so splurge away on kisses, cuddles, affection, and sweet romance, no matter what you can (or can’t) afford. True love comes free of charge.

Now, let’s look at some ways to save!

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Five Honeymoon Ideas for Where to Save

1. Book a Honeymoon Package

A honeymoon package offered by your hotel will often include most, if not all, of your “splurge” ideas in one convenient, cost-effective bundle. A typical package will usually include a room upgrade along with anything from sunset cruises and intimate dinner dates to couples’ massages and adventuresome outings, all included for a lower price than you’d ever manage by paying for everything separately.

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2. Souvenirs

Sure, they’re fun mementos of your trip. But souvenirs are just things, and aside from maybe some art or cultural items to support the local community within your honeymoon destination, save on souvenirs and spend on experiences instead.

3. Use a Honeymoon Registry

A honeymoon registry like Zola allows you to accomplish all of your “splurge” honeymoon goals—without spending the money! A honeymoon fund allows you to ask for cash from friends and family instead of the usual wedding gifts, giving you the option of financing anything from first-class airfare to a skydiving trip without spending a dime out of pocket.

Depending on how many people you have contributing to your honeymoon fund, you might even be able to finance your entire trip, or at least a major part of it—all the date nights, activities, and private beach cabanas your honeymoon hearts crave. Honeymoon funds are hands-down the best way to “splurge” without the actual cost.

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4. Outfits

Sure, everyone wants to look their best, especially on a romantic trip. But buying more than a couple of new outfits in anticipation of your honeymoon (or shopping while you’re on your trip) is money you could be spending on once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Back to the theme of experiences over things, we think you’re better off taking advantage of everything your destination has to offer without spending all your dough on material possessions.

5. Airport Food

In addition to making you more tired before and after your flight, which every honeymooner should strive to avoid, food at the airport is expensive. A little bit of planning ahead to keep yourselves fed without resorting to airport dining options means you won’t have to rush, your wallet will be thicker, and your tummies will be happier.

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Bon Voyage

With these tips for how to honeymoon on a budget like pros, you can get a lot more honeymoon for a lot less money. And even if you have your little disagreements here and there, that’s something every couple can agree on!


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