Honeymoon Destinations Off the Beaten Path

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When it comes to honeymoons, one can sunbathe in Honolulu, have dinner by the Eiffel Tower, or go for a gondola ride in Venice. We can get behind all of each of those destinations, but for the couple with wanderlust, we’ve got a few other ideas. Why not start off marriage – the ultimate adventure – with an unforgettable honeymoon experience? From deserts dunes to rain forests, here are some of our favorite unconventional honeymoon destinations:

1. Go on Safari in Africa

Blaze a trail together and take in the wildlife before relaxing on the beautiful Kenyan coast.

2. Tango in Buenos Aires

Learn to dance the Argentine Tango and enjoy the unique blend of European and Latin culture in this beautiful South American city.

3. See the Northern Lights in Iceland

Trek through the breathtaking wilderness of this scenic country and share a kiss under the Northern Lights.

4. Discover Rainforest Waterfalls in Costa Rica

Hike through the pristine rainforest of Costa Rica and discover hidden waterfalls in this Latin paradise. Be sure to go for a dip!

5. Sleep Under the Stars in the Negev

Go for a camel ride and hunt for treasures in open-air bazaars before enjoying the stars in your desert getaway.

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