Wedding Makeup: Glossier

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We here at Zola searched high and low for the perfect makeup regimen that makes you look like your best you ever, because that’s what you want, right?

You want to strive to look like you, not way-too-much-eyeliner you or pageant-queen you, but the real you. The one your partner fell in love with! The reason we’re here in the first place.

We spoke with our favorite Zola bride, Chloe, about her makeup and skincare regimen, and she chooses Glossier, a stress-free skincare line. Their products are light enough that your natural skin shines through for a seamlessly smooth and dewey glow – one that looks great in all your weddings pics, too. After hearing her rave reviews, a Glossier wedding day (or everyday) routine is a no brainer.

ZolaWhat are your favorite Glossier products? 

Chloe: It’s a tie between the Rosewater Face Mist and the Skin Tint. I love the face mist because it’s a quick and easy way to feel fresh and give my face a clean natural look.

I love the tint because it’s so light that I don’t feel like I’m covering up my skin, but enhancing it. I think the tint is the perfect replacement for heavy foundation. I’ve also noticed my skin looks clearer and brighter since using these products.


Zola: Why do you like these products over other brands?

Chloe: I like the simplicity and ease of using Glossier. It’s the essential for a clean, youthful and natural look. I’ve come to trust the brand, and each product from their balm to their masks delivers.

Zola: Why did you switch to Glossier? 

ChloeI followed Emily’s blog Into the Gloss and thought “This woman knows skin care; she’s learned about it from the best.” When she launched Glossier I definitely thought it was worth giving a try and it didn’t disappoint.


Zola: How do these products feel on your skin?

ChloeThe products feel clean and fresh.

Zola: Now that you’re married, what’s your Date night go-to?

ChloeKipp and I love date nights and one of my favorite things is really getting dressed up. After date night, I love the Glossier Moon Mask to make sure you’ve got all the hydration you need.



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