Engagement Photoshoot: Pro Tips

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Engagement pictures are a great way to celebrate the in-between time as a couple with way less pressure than the Big Day. They are also a handy distraction for nagging relatives begging for wedding details, so when your Great Aunt calls to give her unsolicited opinion on reception tablecloths, you can say “we haven’t made any decisions yet, but here, look at these!” Works like a charm.


We teamed up with photographer Alisha Siegel for some Engagement Photoshoot Pro Tips. Whether it’s the day of the proposal or you have a little more time to prepare, here’s a rundown of everything you and your partner should consider for your photoshoot.

Start at Home
“I like to start in your home if possible. It’s the one place you share as a couple and it tells me a lot about your personalities. Most young couples have tiny, cramped apartments, jam packed with charm. You’ll always want to remember your first apartment, so why not start there?”


Location Scout Yourself
“Next up we can head to your favorite spot, preferably somewhere you two are regulars. I want you to look back 50 years from now and say that’s an accurate portrayal of who we were at that time. Plus, you’ll feel most comfortable in a familiar environment.”

Have a Drink
“It’s amazing what one glass of wine can do for you if you’re nervous before a shoot. I get it, most of us aren’t models so we aren’t used to all this attention and trust me, the camera knows when you’re uncomfortable. So have a drink, loosen up and get relaxed. That’s when the good pictures start coming in.”


Be Yourselves
“Awkward portraits look… well, awkward. No props, no jumping, nothing forced.”

Do Your Research
“We all know what we DON’T want our engagement pictures to look like, so spend some time collecting some shots you really do want.”


Sunday Style
“When it comes to clothes, you should feel confident and comfortable, so dress like yourselves. I always say, wear what you would wear on a Sunday afternoon with your main squeeze.”

Get to Know Your Photographer
“My best pictures come from shoots where I really got to know my clients. A genuine connection makes all the difference, and it only takes a few minutes for us to get on the same page. It’s worth it, I swear.”


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