How To Embrace Being A Pregnant Bride

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Bride and groom's hands on bride's pregnant belly

First off, it sounds like double congratulations are in order! Joining futures with your partner can’t get more real than raising a child together, and being a pregnant bride gives you all the more reason to celebrate with your friends and family as you exchange vows with the love of your life and prepare to start a family. Maybe you didn’t expect to be pregnant when you pictured your wedding day years ago, but that doesn’t mean you can’t embrace the beauty, grace, and gentle power possessed by all pregnant women as a bride. And since you’re probably planning more than just a wedding right now (hello, nursery and birthing classes and doctor’s appointments and…), you’ll definitely appreciate how Zola makes it so. easy. to plan your entire wedding in the same location where you can register for everything you need for your new, baby-ready home.

That said, there are some additional variables that a pregnant bride must consider when planning her wedding. To ensure your wedding day is just as magical as the life you’re nurturing inside, we’ve compiled a few pointers to assist our mommies-to-be in this doubly exciting time.

Pregnant bride and groom

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pregnant bride in gold sequin gown with groom behind her and both of their hands on her belly

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The Wedding Dress

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The biggest thing to consider when getting married while pregnant is your wedding dress. While all brides stress about the fit and feel of their gowns, a pregnant bride will have some more particular challenges. Weight gain may be a guarantee for an expectant bride, but donning a jaw-dropping gown is still totally possible. Sizing is key, and the first thing to consider is how far along you will be at the time of your wedding. A few months can make a big difference when it comes to your baby bump, and while you can never perfectly predict how your body will change, we’ve got a couple tricks up our sleeves.

Sizing For Your Pregnant Body

First, measure your bust. This will allow you to see where you currently fall on a dress designer’s size charts. Then, add one inch for each month of pregnancy that remains between now and your wedding date. With that new number, see where you now fall on the size chart and go up one more size. This will give your seamstress plenty of room to alter as needed and give you the peace of mind you deserve.

The Baby Bump

Now this one’s up to you. Are you a bride who wants to flaunt her growing belly or would you rather conceal the conception? Once you know how you want you and your baby to appear, you can narrow down dress styles.

In order to make your baby bump less noticeable, a wedding dress with an empire waist is the way to go. Having a wide, flowing skirt (and a belt or sash underneath your bust) will downplay any unwanted accentuations. A v-neck cut will also help to elongate your body.

To show off your stunning new silhouette, go with a sheath, trumpet, or mermaid style dress. These snug-fitting gowns will embrace your curves and play up the drama of your bump. The key is to have a good seamstress on hand to make last-minute alterations, ensuring that your dress fits your changing body perfectly on your wedding day.

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Comfy Kicks

Your dress isn’t the only fashion item you’ve got to consider. Shoes are equally important to a bride’s wedding day look and feel—especially if she’s supporting two people. The name of the game is comfort, comfort, comfort. Shall we say it again? Be comfortable! Don’t let your feet be your demise because we know a dance floor with your name all over it.

Bride and bridesmaids in Nike sneakers

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Creative Reception Ideas

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Your family is rapidly growing, so why not incorporate your unborn child into the wedding day festivities to celebrate his or her upcoming arrival? While the day is primarily about your relationship with your partner, you two are about to become kick-@$$ parents to this lucky kid. Giving your baby a little attention on your wedding day will only amplify the merriment.

The Wedding Cake

Use your wedding cake or the groom’s cake to announce the sex of the baby. When you and your hubby cut into the cake, your guests will be tickled pink (or blue) by the color inside. Even if you have already announced the sex of your baby, you can still color or decorate your wedding cake according to the sex of your bundle of joy.

The Mocktail Bar

As a pregnant bride, you won’t exactly be able to throw back bottles of champagne at your reception, so get creative with non-alcoholic cocktails. You could create a signature virgin cocktail inspired by your little one and color or name it accordingly. This is a wonderful way to nod to your growing family, while enjoying refreshing beverages with your guests.

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The Photo Display

Many couples choose to frame and display photos of themselves, their parents, or their grandparents around the guest book or reception entrance, so why not include your baby’s first photo in the mix? Guests will love seeing your sonogram and catching a glimpse at the soon-to-be addition to your family.

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Now put up your feet, grab some hydration, and relax knowing that you’re going to glow your way through the elegant, personal wedding of your dreams, made all the more meaningful by your impending arrival of joy.


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