Best Movies to Watch While Writing Your Vows

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Writing your own vows is hard, to say the least. How do you possibly fit every single thing you promise to your partner for the rest of your life in just a few sentences? You want to make sure you hit all the key points, but you don’t want to sound cliché. You want vows that are unique and personal, but you don’t want to encourage a snooze fest in the pews as you get into all the details.

We took some tips from the pros, aka Hollywood writers who have been making weddings look picture-perfect for years, and pulled together our favorite movies for some vow-spiration.

When Harry Met Sally…


Truly a classic about the age-old search for a connection and finding lasting love and friendship. There is more to this movie than just the restaurant scene, you know!



You’re in for the long haul with this one, and Jack and Rose’s ill-fated romance will, at the very least, make you want to hold on to your love for the rest of your life.

Crazy Stupid Love


Steve Carell’s one liners about looking for love can serve as a rough draft for your own vows, especially if you want to keep the crowd on their toes. Your beholden is certainly the perfect mix of sexy and cute, too. Plus, Ryan Gosling.

Love Actually


So many couples to choose from, and all we can think about is egg nog. Love Actually is a heartwarming story about life and love that will surely help overcome your writer’s block, just as long as you don’t get the theme song stuck in your head.

The Holiday


Set in a time before Airbnb, this flick proves that even the craziest ideas are always worth it for love. The Holiday will take you back to all the seemingly random events in your life, right before you met your partner and confirm that everything happens for a reason. Write that down!

Images || (featured) Babble (1) When Harry Met Sally (2) Titanic (3) Crazy, Stupid Love (4) Love Actually (5) The Holiday


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