The Best Food Trucks To Have At Your Wedding

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Gone are the days of chicken or fish because now no Pinterest-worthy wedding is complete without food trucks. Not only do these meals-on-wheels offer a variety of inspired cuisines, but this route is budget-friendly, too. When treating your guests, you certainly get more bang (and flavor) for your buck. Plus, with so many options, if Asian-fusion Italian tacos don’t appeal to your senses, you can hop on over and grab an artisanal waffle doused in seasonal syrup. Here we’ve highlighted our favorite food trucks that will no doubt be driving through a wedding circuit near you.


Takumi Taco

When you can’t decide between sushi or tacos, how about a combo of the two? The Spicy Tuna Taco tastes so good it will have you wondering why you didn’t think of this hybrid first.

Eddie’s Pizza

These thin crust made-to-order pizzas are everything you wanted to eat at your wedding, but never thought you could. They’re so delicious that you’ll be smuggling them up to the honeymoon suite – guaranteed.


Milk Truck

Aged Gruyere, Wisconsin blue and Vermont cheddar all heated to perfection on the best Balthazar bread a grilled cheese-lover could ask for. Cut into squares and pop them in your mouth when you need a break from the dance floor.

Whole Le Crepe

Made by the Crepe Lady herself, this truck serves both sweet and savory concoctions to please all of your taste buds. Try one for dinner and one for dessert.


Luke’s Lobster

This East Coast favorite hits the road with their signature dishes. Try Luke’s famous lobster roll with a side of chowder – you and your guests will savor every bite.

Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream

In a buttery yellow truck that looks good enough to eat, Van Leeuwen uses all natural ingredients to deliver your favorite dessert with an old-school twist. It tastes so good, you’ll eat it all up before it has a chance to melt on your dress!


Images || (1) Mexicalbi (2) Zoom Theory  (3) Popsugar (4) United With Love


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