A Bridesmaid’s Guide to Jewelry

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Hey, bridesmaid! Yes, you, with the gorgeous new frock and the important wedding coming up. As a bridesmaid, you’ve got lots of responsibilities ahead of you including planning your bride’s bachelorette weekend, posing in lots of photos, and helping her keep her cool during the planning process. Bridesmaid-ing (we’ve just made it a verb) isn’t easy, but it’s not so bad when you get a new outfit from the experience, is it?

Bride and bridesmaids in pink strapless dresses

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While your bride might gift you and the other commitment crew gals some earrings or a necklace to wear on the big day, she may just as well let you pick out your own bling. Sweet! But such a task can be overwhelming if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Let us point you in the right direction with Zola’s guide to bridesmaid jewelry.

Bride and three navy bridesmaids

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Your jewelry options will vary based on what cut and style of dress you’ll be wearing—particularly the neckline. We’ve got recommendations for how to bling up every kind of neckline, including a few specific pieces you can buy directly from Zola’s collection of jewelry and gifts.


If you opted for a strapless bridesmaid dress, you will want to fill this wide neckline with larger statement pieces. For example, chokers, chunky pearls, dramatic drops, and multi-strand necklaces all have a strong presence and will tie your outfit together. Since these bolder necklaces will certainly draw attention, keep your earrings simple (especially if you are wearing your hair up). Classic studs will complete the look.

bride and bridesmaids in coral dresses with turquoise necklaces standing outside

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bridesmaids wearing short pink strapless dresses with rhinestone necklaces standing with bride outside

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Sweetheart or V-Neckline

Dresses with sweetheart or v-necklines look best when the “v” in the center is accentuated by a pendant or necklace that similarly drops. Because this neckline is especially romantic and feminine, consider a teardrop or heart pendant to complete the look. This heart pendant necklace by Cathy’s Concepts can be monogrammed with each bridesmaid’s initial, making it a perfect bridesmaid gift (and under $25, too!). Or spring for this version that includes a single bezel Swarovski crystal for the same price.

Bride and four bridesmaids

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Bridesmaids in purple v-neck dresses

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Halter Neckline

If your bridesmaid ensemble features a halter neckline, hats off to you and your svelte shoulders! Since the neckline of this dress is so high, you don’t need to overdo it with more volume around your neck and chest. Instead of a necklace, go with a sweet pair of earrings and/or a bracelet.

bride and large group of bridesmaids all wearing white gowns on a front porch

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Spaghetti Straps

Spaghetti straps are visually delicate, making anyone who wears them look quite feminine and elegant. Pair this style of dress with dainty jewelry, such as a simple crystal pendant or a thin strand of pearls. The same simplicity applies to earrings and bracelets as well. In this case, less is more. Try this three-pearl necklace from Cathy’s Concepts paired with its matching three-pearl bracelet for a demure look.

Bride and bridesmaids in black spaghetti strap dresses

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One-shoulder Neckline

If you’re wearing a one-shoulder bridesmaid dress, you should consider not wearing anything else around your neck. Let the angle of your neckline be the star here—no need to muddy it up with a competing piece of jewelry. Instead, look for a sophisticated or flashy pair of earrings that will compliment this chic style. Hint: this pair of stunning aqua chalcedony and moonstone earrings will certainly do the trick.

Have we given you a few ideas? It’s not hard to find jewelry that will look lovely with your bridesmaid ensemble, but when in doubt, ask the bride. She’ll let you know if she has any jewelry preferences or ideas for her favorite ladies.


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