5 Tips For Picking The Perfect Wedding Shoes

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pair of silvery glittery wedding shoes on a hexagonal tile bathroom floor

You might have spent months searching for the wedding dress of your dreams. And then, finally, félicitations! You found it. But your ensemble is not complete without the perfect wedding shoes to round out your look. When it comes to finding pumped up (or flat) kicks for the big day, there are quite a few factors to consider. Not sure where to start? If your top criteria is comfort, we’ve got some suggestions for which types of shoes you should focus on. But if you’re open to everything from flip flops to stilettos, read on for Zola’s five tips for picking the perfect wedding shoes.

bride wearing sparkling high heels

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Match Your Theme And Dress

The most important tip we can provide to help you narrow down your search is to consider your wedding theme and dress style. For example, cowboy boots likely won’t lend themselves well to a black tie affair, just as donning sky-high heels won’t bode well for an outdoor wedding. Other factors to consider include texture, material, contrast, and color. Many brides choose to make their shoes their “something blue,” while others would rather match the texture and color of their wedding dress.

bride and flower girl in cowboy boots

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Think about what you want to achieve with your wedding shoes. Do you have a simple dress and want to make a statement with your shoes? Are you matching shoes with your partner? Or do you want your dress to do the talking and reserve your shoes simply for, well, walking? Sure, it’s a silly thought, but once you nail down the purpose of your shoes, you’ll be able to focus more on style.

Nude and gold wedding shoes

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Height and Measurements

Consider the length of your dress. If your dress requires alterations, ensure that you purchase shoes beforehand so it can be altered accordingly. You don’t want ankles showing where they shouldn’t be just as you don’t want to have to worry about tripping over a long hemline.

Brides showing off wedding shoes

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bride wearing strappy blue high heels

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In case of inclement weather, have a plan B at hand—er, foot. Rain boots make for a perfect soggy day solution, while (monogrammed!) winter boots make for fun snow pictures.

bride and groom from waist down with bride lifting skirt to show off purple Hunter rain boots

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Bride wearing monogrammed Bean boots

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Lastly, consider whether the shoe will be comfortable enough to wear throughout the day (and most of the night, too). If you’re going with high heels, practice wearing them a few times to break them in before your wedding. Try tactics like applying “liquid Band-aid” in sensitive areas or taping your third and fourth toes together (trust us, it works!). Lastly, have flats or even cute sneakers on hold just in case your arches need to take it easy after a few hours.

pair of white Toms bridal flats

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bride putting on heels

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Whether you lace, strap, slide, or shuffle into your wedding shoes, make sure they reflect your personality. Then make sure to show them off in proper style, and have a rockin’ good time getting married in them on your big day!


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