5 Smart Ideas For Your Wedding Bar

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What makes a wedding memorable (and sometimes overwhelming to plan) are the little details that speak to who you two are. So, we’ve brought in the experts to share their tips on planning one of the most fun parts – the wedding bar! Read up on Wedding Party’s advice on how to make the drinks at your wedding just as special as the big day itself.

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5 Smart & Creative Ideas to Elevate Your Wedding Bar

You’ve been planning for your wedding day for months, and after you’ve walked down the aisle and said your “I Dos”, the most important part of your big day is over. But that’s also when the fun begins!

All the most important people in your life have come from around the world to witness the start of your marriage… and party. So when it’s time for the reception, you want to make sure that they’ll have a great time. One way to make your reception extra-delightful for your guests is to incorporate fun, personalized details to your wedding bar.
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Love this idea but not sure how to get started? Read on for our favorite creative ways to add some oomph to your wedding bar!

1. Pre-mix cocktails in mason jars for quick & easy distribution
No one wants to spend the majority of the reception waiting in line for a drink, even if your bartender is a cocktail craftsman. If you’re serving a signature drink but are worried about a queue of thirsty guests waiting for a handmade cocktail, try premixing your drinks instead.

We love the idea of having your drinks pre-mixed and distributed into individual mason jars, allowing guests to quickly grab one and get back to the dance floor. Alternatively, you could create a large batch of your signature cocktail and put it in a drink dispenser, which makes it accessible to your guests without needing to dispense single servings into mason jars.

2. Create a signature cocktail even if you’re in a beer / wine only venue
Something that’s become more popular in recent years is having the bride and groom’s  “signature cocktail” at the wedding bar. While this certainly isn’t mandatory, many couples are opting to offer signature cocktails because… well, they’re cute!

For brides and grooms who are hosting their wedding at a beer / wine only venue, the signature cocktail might seem like a pipe dream — but it doesn’t have to be! You can create delicious, beautiful and fun cocktails out of beer, wine or champagne. I mean, how delicious would a refreshing peach bellini be at your outdoor summer wedding?

With a bit of quick Googling and creativity, you and your fiance(e) can find beer or wine cocktails that you’ll be proud to call your signature drinks!

3. Provide a food & drink pairing
So your bar is stocked with delicious drinks — but wouldn’t it be fun to add an extra-special touch that’ll delight your guests?

Adding a food pairing to your wedding drinks is the perfect way to “wow” your guests and provide a sophisticated touch to your reception. How fun would it be for them to sample the perfect cheese with their glass of wine, or a spicy chocolate with a glass of bourbon?

4. Make it interactive with a DIY mimosa, sangria or champagne bar
We’re living in the age of the DIY wedding, so why not get your wedding guests in on the DIY fun? Setting up a mimosa, sangria or champagne bar is a fun way for guests to interact with each other and serve themselves the perfect drink. Plus, DIY wedding bars always make for adorable photos!

5. Get a creative cocktail with delicious (and affordable!) agua fresca
Love the idea of having a creative cocktail served at your wedding, but hate the price tag? Try buying agua fresca in bulk from your favorite local Mexican restaurant — all you’ll have to do is add your favorite type of liquor, and you have a refreshing and easy drink. No need to run around town buying ingredients and bundles of herbs for your cocktails the day before!

Hopefully our tips to create a fun wedding bar have inspired a couple ideas for your own big day. What are some ways you’ll be adding some extra personality to your wedding bar? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Christine says

    we are having an open bar for cocktail hour and complimentary beer and wine for the rest of the night. After cocktail hour we will also have a cash bar available for those who don’t want the complimentary beer and wine. Should we also have a bottle of red and white wine at each table during dinner?

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