5 DIY Summer Wedding Favor Ideas

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Individual succulents wedding favor

Although there are countless wedding vendors to help you all along the way when planning your summer wedding, you might find yourself wanting to personalize your nuptials with a few fun DIY wedding projects. Who wouldn’t enjoy spending a couple hours soaking in the sunshine while crafting away? And what better way is there to put your craftiness to good use than to whip up some DIY wedding favors? Here are 5 DIY wedding favor ideas that we adore for summer weddings.

1) Spread The Love

Your wedding guests will surely wish that they could bottle up all of the evening’s love and happiness. This favor may not be able to do exactly that, but it’s close. Purchase some glass jelly jars and some local honey or jam (or make your own!), fill those babies up, and add a little flair. Your finished product: an adorable wedding favor that will allow your guests to “spread the love” they felt at your wedding for days to come.

raspberry jam DIY wedding favor

Photo Credit || Square Eye Photography

Honey jar DIY wedding favor

Photo Credit || Spencer Studios

2) Send Them Home With S’more Love

Your love sure is sweet, but your guests will think you two are even sweeter when you send them home with s’more. (Sorry, had to.) For this DIY wedding favor, put together adorable s’mores kits for your guests to enjoy in their backyard or on their annual summer camping trip. Pack grahams, marshmallows, and mini chocolate bars in clear acrylic gift boxes and wrap them up with baker’s twine and a personalized label.

S'mores kit for DIY wedding favor

Photo Credit || Wildflower Barn Photography

3) Say “Grazie!” With Olive Oil Cruets

If your wedding is held at a vineyard or farm, or if you and your partner love to cook, this next DIY project will be right up your alley. Miniature olive oil cruets are  not only one of the most sensible wedding favor ideas, but they also double as great reception décor. All you’ll need is glass jars with cork stoppers, olive oil (buy in bulk), a funnel to help with filling, and a cute label. Get creative with herbal infusions like rosemary or basil (hint: our automated oil infuser makes it a snap).

Olive oil cruet DIY wedding favor

Photo Credit || Nick Graham Photography

4) Watch Love Grow

How fitting to incorporate a living, thriving part of the natural world into your big day. Even better? These DIY wedding favors can double as event décor. Individual planted succulents are the perfect touch of green that will continually remind your guests of your growing love long after the reception is over.

Individual planted succulent DIY wedding favor

Photo Credit || Molly Joseph Photography

Potted mini succulents DIY wedding favor

Photo Credit || Laura Lee Photography

5) It’s All About The Lovebirds

Imagine the peaceful sound of songbirds outside of your window in the summer time. Relaxing and lovely, right? Well, you two lovebirds can bring that wonderful feeling to each and every one of your guests with these cute DIY wedding favors: birdseed ornaments. Make your very own by finding a birdseed, flour, and gelatin recipe that you can press into cookie cutter shapes and let dry, or go the pinecone-rolled-in-peanut-butter-dipped-in-birdseed route.

Bird seed ornament DIY wedding favor

Photo Credit || Allie Siarto Photography

And there you have it! Five of the most charming DIY favor ideas money can buy. Now assemble your team of wedding helpers and craft away.

Featured Image Credit || Drew Brashler Photography 


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