3 Things to Know About Zola’s Wedding Checklist

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If you’re engaged, you already know that there are infinite things to do for your wedding. And according to our survey, it’s stressing you out. But the resources out there can be old-fashioned, impersonal, and frankly missing tasks. That’s where our customizable checklist comes in.

So personalized, it’s like we’re your third wheel.

Your checklist takes into account all your wedding details from your wedding’s location, to religious and cultural traditions. Need to order those hard-to-find cocktail ingredients for welcome drinks? We won’t let you forget ’em—you can add your own tasks to the list we build for you.

So detail-oriented, it’s like you hired a personal assistant.

We’ll notify you when things needs to get done, so you’ll never miss a beat. And if you download the free Zola Weddings app for iPhone, we’ll send you push notifications, so you’ll really be on top of it.

So adaptable, it’s like we’re stalking your wedding.

Not to be creepy or anything, but our checklist follows you. Did your date switch? Are you adding some cultural elements to your ceremony? You can edit your checklist settings at any time, and we’ll adapt accordingly. It’s basically wedding planning magic.


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