The Ultimate Guide To Floral Crowns

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bride standing in forest with white rose floral crown looking down at the ground

If you’ve looked at weddings on the internet, oh, like ever in the last few years, you’ve definitely seen your fair share of this wedding trend. Part hairstyle, part floral design, and all kinds of lovely, can you guess what we’re talking about? Yep, you know it: floral crowns. Brides, bridesmaids, and flower girls the world over have embraced floral crowns as the perfect wedding day accessory. Whether your wedding style is classic and traditional, whimsical and preppy, soft and romantic, or funky and bohemian, there’s a floral crown out there that will perfectly suit your wedding day fashion and the overall vibe of your big day.

But how do you know which type of floral crown is right for you? To aid in your search for the perfect botanical hair accessory, we’ve rounded up the major types of floral crowns and provided tons of inspiring photos for each. We’re using the term “floral” loosely here—even simple greenery formed into a wreath qualifies as a floral crown for our purposes, as does more obviously artificial crowns. So settle in for a nice scrolling session, and get ready to discover the floral crown that will really top off your wedding day look. (Get it? Top off? We are the best.)

Oversized Floral Crowns

Perfect for: Boho Weddings

boho bride and groom holding baby goats on an antique sofa with bride wearing floral crown

Photo Credit || Alicia Lynn Photography

boho bride with large floral crown

Photo Credit || bonphotage

boho bride in white gown with long blond hair and a pink and purple floral crown

Photo Credit || Cindy Harter Photography

Delicate Floral Crowns

Perfect for: Classic Weddings

bride wearing floral crown reading her vows in front of a lake

Photo Credit || 40 Watt Photo

bride wearing floral crown of white baby's breath getting ready for wedding

Photo Credit || Brooke Brady Photography

Romantic Floral Crowns

Perfect for: Romantic Weddings (duh)


White & Green Floral Crowns

Perfect for: All Types of Weddings

bride wearing rose floral crown hugging groom in navy suit from behind in front of stone building

Photo Credit || Eileen K Photography

Greenery Floral Crowns

Perfect for: Natural Weddings

bride twirling in wedding gown in between two wooden fences outside in a farm pasture wearing greenery floral crown

Photo Credit || 2 Hodges Photography

bride with greenery floral crown in a field

Photo Credit || Dan Voss Photography

bride wearing greenery floral crown with orange berries

Photo Credit || Ali E. Photography

Non-Floral Floral Crowns

Perfect for: Glamorous or Alternative Weddings

Wildflower Floral Crowns

Perfect for: Rustic Weddings

bride wearing floral crown hugging groom in front of a waterfall

Photo Credit || Missy Fant Photography

boho bride wearing floral crown of pink small roses and grapevine

Photo Credit || Meredith Coe Photography

Tropical Floral Crowns

Perfect for: Coastal Weddings

Bridesmaid Floral Crowns

bridesmaids with different colored floral crowns made of roses

Photo Credit || Cindy Harter Photography

bridesmaids in pastel dresses with floral crowns

Photo Credit || Eileen K Photography

bride with two bridesmaids in a forest all wearing floral crowns

Photo Credit || April Yentas Photography

Flower Girl Floral Crowns

flower girls in rose floral crowns and white dresses leaning on bride's knees while seated

Photo Credit || Cindy Harter Photography

three flower girls in a field of wildflowers wearing bright floral crowns

Photo Credit || Svetlana Photography

bride and flower girl both in white dresses with baby's breath floral crowns

Photo Credit || Brooke Brady Photography

flower girl wearing floral crown standing among bridesmaids with bright bouquets

Photo Credit || Photography by Verdi

flower girl in gray dress with yellow roses floral crown

Photo Credit || Photography by Verdi


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