Top 10 Signature Drinks For Summer Weddings

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bride holding pink bouquet and pink signature wedding drink in her hand while smiling for the camera

So, you’re having a summer wedding? With tons of beautiful flower options during the warmer months and outdoor wedding venues calling your name, it’s easy to get caught up in the heat (hehe) of the wedding-planning moment, but let’s remember one thing for just a second: your wedding guests are going to be hot. They’re going to be thirsty. So whatever other planning detail you’re focusing on right now, put it aside for a moment—it’s time to think about how to keep your summer wedding cool and refreshing. That’s right. We’re talking signature wedding drinks.

Whether you’re a bourbon lover, wine snob, or a gin fan through and through, we’ve rounded up ten of the best warm-weather cocktails to inspire your hunt for the perfect signature drink for your summer wedding. To find out the recipe, simply click the source in the header. Cheers!

1. Rosé Sangria via Cup of Jo

Crisp, pink wine and fresh fruit slices—yes, perfection does exist. This summery sangria from the Vibrant Food cookbook is sure to be a crowd pleaser (and looks lovely in hand!).

2. Blood Orange + Thyme Paloma via Salt & Wind

With sweet and tart blood orange, a kick of tequila, and a subtle hint of thyme, we can’t decide what’s better: the pretty look of this beverage or it’s tangy taste. We’ll take two, please.

Blood orange soda cocktail

Photo Credit || Jen Fariello Photography

3. Cucumber and Rosemary Gin & Tonic via The Kitchn

Tossing in a cucumber slice makes this gin and tonic all the more refreshing, but add a sprig of rosemary and voila! Your summer cocktail is now fancy enough to meet your wedding dress code.

4. Bourbon Lemonade via The Blond Cook

It’s not your mamma’s lemonade (unless, of course, your mother is a bourbon guru and a whiz with the cocktail shaker). Since the tart lemonade offsets the bourbon’s bold flavor, this cocktail is refreshing without being too strong for your wedding guests.

5. Lillet Rose Cocktail via Martha Stewart

Ahh, Martha—you had us at “edible flowers.” Just as pretty as its name, this floral beverage is delicate and delicious.

tray of summer cocktails

Photo Credit || Anna Kim Photography

6. The Bee’s Knees via Camille Styles

Pairing the warm sweetness of honey with the bright acidity of citrus fruit, the Bee’s Knees makes for a delicious summer drink option.

Bees knees cocktail

Photo Credit || Jen Fariello Photography

7. Blackberry Thyme Sparkler via The Effortless Chic

With a mix of champagne, gin, blackberries, and thyme, this fizzy fruit drink is perfect for a summer garden party wedding (and practically struts it in front of the camera).

Blackberry sparkler cocktails

Photo Credit || Keren Sarai Photography

8. Sweet Ginger via The Wedding Chicks

Perfectly reminiscent of summer romance, this cocktail is both spicy and sweet. Add a slice of lemon and sprig of mint to kick this signature drink’s presentation up a notch.

Sweet ginger cocktail

Photo Credit || Jen Fariello Photography

9. Blackberry Love via The Wedding Chicks

With floral accents, fresh fruit, and a splash of vodka, this cocktail is both easy on the eyes and on the taste buds. We promise this signature drink will be a hit with every guest. Blackberry cocktail

Photo Credit || Sera Petras Photography

10. Grapefruit Mint Bellini via Camille Styles

A step up from your standard brunch menu offering, this citrus-and-mint-flavored bellini is delicious, refreshing, and might just match the colors of your wedding party. Can’t argue with that, can you?

Grapefruit mint bellini

Photo Credit || From the Hip Photo

Feeling inspired yet? Or maybe just thirsty? Hopefully a bit of both…it’s definitely time to start taste-testing some of these signature drinks. Hey, it’s practically your duty—all in the name of thorough wedding planning. Happy sipping!


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