The 15 Most Gorgeous Free Wedding Fonts

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Zola paper wedding invitations and response cards in beautiful script font

Calling all DIY types! If you’re planning on designing, printing, or otherwise making any portion of your wedding invitations, paper goods, or signage, you’ve probably been on the hunt for the perfect wedding font. The typography you choose when designing your wedding materials, whether it’s a cocktail napkin, a save the date, or ceremony program, can be of vital importance. Your wedding font can communicate volumes about the style, mood, and tone of your big day—so we’re here to help you choose wisely. We’ve rounded up 15 of the most gorgeous, creative, and eye-catching free wedding fonts to make your life a tad bit easier—and best of all, every one of these drool-worthy designs is available for you to download and use for free. You’re welcome!

1. Windsong

free wedding font Windsong

If you’re looking for an elegant, hand-drawn font that mimics calligraphy, then Windsong is for you. It’s a little bit sketchy without being too messy or hard to read—perfect for that romantic-wedding-among-the-grapevines kind of vibe. Click here to download.

2. Quicksand

free wedding font Quicksand

Quicksand is a thorough cool font through and through. A little bit Deco, a little bit retro Palm Beach, this san serif font is clean and modern with a little bit of whimsical curvature. This font screams “This will be a very fun but very classy wedding.” Download Quicksand here.

3. Frente H1

free wedding font Frente

Low-key, artsy, or non-traditional couples looking for a wedding font to match need look no further: Frente H1 delivers all kinds of hand-sketched personality. This all-caps font is designed to look like someone’s perfectly imperfect handwriting, and we love how it’s thin block lettering is both stylized yet laid-back at the same time. Get it here.

4. Aquiline Two

free wedding font Aquiline Two

Another calligraphy font, Aquiline Two is reminiscent of days of yore when letters were written with quill and ink. If you can’t afford a professional calligrapher but still want to give your wedding invitations a Declaration of Independence kind of gravitas, download Aquiline Two and print your way to happiness.

5. Riesling 

free wedding font Riesling

Riseling is a grandiose, formal, super cool font. If you’re throwing a Gatsby-inspired wedding, this wedding font—with its overlapping curlicues and exaggerated mix of skinny and round characters—will transport your guests back to the free-wheelin’-but-fancy days of the 1920s. Download it here.

6. Stylish Calligraphy

free wedding font Stylish Calligraphy

Aptly named, Stylish Calligraphy might look familiar because you’ve seen something similar to it, either in print or via real calligraphy, just about, oh, everywhere. This readable, modern-meets-timeless wedding font is all things perfection: feminine but not too frilly, formal but not too old-fashioned. For rustic-elegant weddings, download Stylish calligraphy to invoke a sense of organic refinement.

7. Seaside Resort

free wedding font Seaside Resort

Despite its name, this wedding font can be used for all kinds of wedding themes and locations—but if you happen to be having a nautical wedding or are actually getting married at a seaside resort, then this font seems like a no-brainer. In shadowed, stylized all-caps, Seaside Resort feels a little bit retro and a whole lot festive. It would be incredible for larger applications, such as welcome signs, bar menus, or other wedding signage—but would really work great anywhere. Get it here.

8. Some Weatz

free wedding font Some Weatz

Described as “a handdrawn decorative font” by its creator , Some Weatz is as close to the artistry and craftsmanship of hand-inked calligraphy as you can get. If you’re getting married in a Medieval castle, or just want a high-end, Old World look for your wedding’s printed materials, download this font here and go the whole nine yards with wax seals and a personalized stamp.

9. Sail

free wedding font Sail

There’s just something about the font Sail that makes me happy. Maybe it’s the excessively curvy details, or the cheerfully plump letter sizing, or the upturned, occasionally exaggerated serifs. It’s the visual manifestation of a warm breeze (or maybe I’m just very persuaded by names). If you want your wedding to feel like a cheerful burst of fresh air, download Sail here.

10. Nickainley

free wedding font Nickainley

Nickainley is a great option for couples who can’t decide if they want to use scripted lettering on for their wedding or not. Nickainley is indeed a script font, but its clean lines and lack of major slant make it feel more contemporary and chic than fancy or formal. There’s something about seeing cursive words laid out in perfect alignment that is really eye-catching—download this font here and play around with it to see for yourself.

11. Cicle

free wedding font Cicle

Sparse, minimal, modern, elegant: these are just a few adjectives that could be applied towards this sans serif font called Cicle. If your design sensibilities lean towards clean lines and simple graphics, download Cicle here and let this handsome wedding font speak for you.

12. Henry Morgan Hand

On the opposite end of the design spectrum, Henry Morgan Hand is a calligraphy font that embraces flourishes and exaggerated decoration. Mimicking hand-drawn script from another century, Henry Morgan Hand will lend your wedding paper the romance and gravitas that accompanies objects of antiquity.

13. De Valencia

free wedding font De Valencia

De Valencia is a sleek, stylish font that really grabs the eye. Its all-caps letters are kind of like supermodels strutting down the runway: tall, narrow, and perfectly spaced just far apart to let each one stand out on its own. This wedding font is perfect for hip weddings that want to set a tone of sophistication and modernity.

14. Sunday

free wedding font Sunday

If you’d describe your wedding style as “rustic,” “vintage,” or “country chic,” then Sunday is the font you’ve been looking for. Don’t know if you’re having a rustic or a vintage wedding? Here are some clues: your wedding favors are something local and/or hand-made. Your caterer uses the words “farm to table” in your wedding menu. Brown kraft paper, glass jars, and/or string lights are used somewhere within your wedding décor. If any of the above rings true, check out Sunday here and satisfy all your vintage, hand-crafted lettering needs.

15. Miama

free wedding font Miama

Last on our list of free wedding fonts but certainly not least, Miama is a cursive script font that leans more Princess Belle than Ben Franklin. Its elegant flourishes and well-spaced lettering make it both romantic and refreshing—a perfect choice to effortlessly elevate any DIY wedding projects. Download Miama here.



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