Meet The Maker: Artificer Wood Works

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Cheers! You’re getting married. It’s easy to spend all of your time focusing on the big day, but what about your friends and family who have also spent time and money helping it all come together? Enter Zola’s new Gifts + Favors category featuring hand-picked items for bridesmaids, groomsmen and even parents. Here at Zola, one of our favorite new brands is Artificer Wood Works; a brand that makes meticulously hand crafted creations – personalized wine boxes and bottle openers that are the perfect way to thank the ones you love for their contribution to your special day.

Read our Q + A with founder Rich Norton for a closer look into the brand and the process their craftsmen undergo to make personalized, beautiful gifts.


Where did you get the idea to start Artificer Wood Works?

It all started back in the early 2000’s with the desire to avoid the mundane and give wine as a wedding gift. We wanted it to be creative, personal — a cherished keepsake. The original WineforaWedding® Anniversary Wine Box was born.


Our artistic backgrounds and creative itch would not let us stop there. We continued to create other clever products and several brands. After years of struggling with outside vendors, we finally realized the only way to consistently meet our high standards: have the freedom to innovate our products, and deliver the best to our customers was to build our own workshop. Many machines, tools, and skilled craftsmen later, Artificer Wood Works came to life.

What is the process like to make an individual box? Who engraves the boxes?

Our craftsmen build each box by hand — sawing, hammering, sanding, etc. Then, we personalize the artwork as needed and engrave each piece. It is then hand sanded to allow the engraving to look its best.


What are some of the most memorable pieces you have produced? 

  • The actress of a popular sitcom was honored for 10 years on the show. Our wine boxes were used as a welcome gift at her Hollywood going-away party. We worked with an amazing gifter from L.A. to make each one amazing!


  • Photo Anniversary Wine Boxes, we’ve created 100’s, each one is always so interesting.
  • Someone purchased a Timbrefone for Alec Baldwin. Hope he likes it 😉
  • A customer asked us to create a personalized wine crate keepsake to hold 12 bottles.


Why did you want to partner with Zola? 

Zola’s brand image, design and tech sensibilities, respect for merchants, and passion to deliver the best experiences to their customers aligns perfectly with our values.

What is your bottle of choice? AKA what is your drink of choice?

Wine, wine and more wine. Try them all, there are so many wonderful varieties.

P.S. Curious as to why they chose the word “Artificer”? The answer is due to it’s original meaning; “A person who is skillful or clever in devising ways of making things; inventor; artistic worker, craftsperson.” How fitting!

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