Inspiration for Your Summer Bridal Shower

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Before you get married, you’re going to be showered with love by your closest friends and family. If you’re a bride, you’re probably not planning these festivities yourself, but of course there’s no harm in pointing your bridesmaids and family in the right direction. See below for some inspiration for that perfect summer bridal shower.

Citrus Punch
inspiration for summer bridal shower_1
Serve refreshing drinks that everyone will love on a hot day. Citrus is a crowd-pleaser during the summer months so make sure to include slices of fresh lemon or lime for garnish.

Naked Cake 
inspiration for summer bridal shower_2
Choose an unfrosted cake. These exposed desserts have a more natural feel and will go perfectly with fresh flowers and summer décor.

Wild Flower Arrangements
inspiration for summer bridal shower_3
Mix local flowers with classic white roses for your floral decorations. These arrangements will scream summer and give your party an authentic, seasonal look.

Fresh Berries
inspiration for summer bridal shower_4
Serve fruit that’s in season. Have bowls of strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, or blackberries scattered about your table.

Golden Accents
inspiration for summer bridal shower_5
Have minimalist decor with a slight flare by using small golden accents throughout your party. From flatware to confetti, remember that less is more.


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