Craving Copper

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Copper has been around for centuries, but it’s far from old-fashioned. With its perfect combination of rustic warmth and minimalist glamor, this timeless accent is here to stay. From Modern to Country, this versatile metal can complement any living space with its unique glow and texture. Here are some easy ways you can incorporate copper’s rich pop of color into your newlywed home’s decor:

Pots and Pans
Hang an assortment of copper pots and pans to create a beautiful focal point in your kitchen. Not only does it give your kitchen a great rustic feel, but it’s also super functional. We’re currently loving Mauviel’s Collection, which combines two powerful metals (copper and stainless steel) for the perfect cooking experience.

Kitchen Storage

Clear your clutter with an assortment of copper containers. Mix different textures and shades for a more natural look, or keep it uniform for a clean aesthetic. This 4-Piece Hammered Canister Set by Old Dutch is an ideal addition to any kitchen countertop.

Serving Pieces

Spice up your garden party with a refreshing round of Blueberry Moscow Mules and hors d’oeuvres served up on copper trays.

Light and copper are a match made in heaven. Take a modern twist on this traditional metal with fixtures like the ones above. For a more natural vibe, substitute with hanging copper planters. This DIY guide by Style Me Pretty is the perfect project for two.

Wedding Centerpiece

If this post has got you craving copper, why not add its warmth to your special day? Frame your copper centerpiece with a few candles for a truly magical touch.

Images || (Feat.) HGTV, (1) Zola, (2) Zola, (3) Sugarandcharm, (4) HGTV, (5) OneLove Photography for StyleMePretty


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