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Beginner’s Guide To: Bar Glasses

For the couple that loves to entertain, having the right bar glasses on your registry is a must. At Zola, we’re firm believers that what you serve the drink in is just as important as the drink itself. So, to help you avoid serving your friends mojitos in wine glasses, we’ve put together a guide of everything you need to know about adding barware to your wedding registry. What are they?  Bar glasses are glasses specifically designed for wine and cocktails. They come in a series of shapes and sizes, specifically crafted for different types of alcohol and mixed drinks. I need this if…  You Read More

#ZolaCouple: Julia & Camilo’s Love-Filled Wedding Registry

Julia and Camilo met in Houston at a dinner party when they both quickly realized they were the only ones there of the same age. Julia had recently moved from Ukraine and Camilo offered to show her around town. Through their shared love of art galleries and exploration, their relationship developed, and Camilo popped the question on one fateful walk. How did you meet? We first met at a house sushi party. We were the only couple our age there so we naturally gravitated towards each other. I had recently moved from Ukraine to the US and Camilo offered to show me Read More