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Kids At Your Wedding: Yay or Nay?

Chicken or fish, band or DJ, church or outdoor ceremony…there are certain binary decisions that seem to stand the test of time when it comes to wedding planning. One of the perennial questions couples must ask themselves when crafting their guest list is whether or not they plan to invite children to their wedding. While it might seem like a fairly simple decision to breeze through on your to-do list (which you’re definitely using Zola’s Wedding Checklist tool to help you with, right?), the choice to have kids at your wedding or not is more tricky (and emotionally loaded) than Read More

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Use Zola To Plan Your Wedding Online in 10 Steps

In an era where you can order paper towels while waiting in line for your coffee that you ordered from an app that you downloaded while walking from your battery-powered car’s parking spot to your remote coworking space where you attend meetings via free video conferencing (whew!), you should be able to plan a wedding online. This is the digital age, in which we can do almost anything from our smartphones. Gone are the days of wedding planning that require a binder full of print-outs and a million sit-down meetings. But what are the best websites and tools out there Read More