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Band vs. DJ: Which is Right for Your Wedding?

When planning your wedding day, you’ll inevitably be faced with the question: “Live band or wedding DJ?” This tuning fork in the road (see what we did there?) may not seem like a big deal, but the way you answer this question is key to determining the overall tone (or tune?) of your reception. Of course, there’s one thing you know without a doubt: you want music that will keep the dance floor packed and spirits high all night long. But how do you determine if a band or a DJ is right for your wedding? If you find yourself Read More

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Top Ten Wedding Processional Songs

It may seem like a relatively simple task, but choosing wedding processional songs has been stumping couples for decades. Unlike the first dance song, which usually has significant meaning or emotional value, the music accompanying your grand entrance as you head into your wedding venue tends to be a less obvious choice and can raise dilemmas: Lyrics or no lyrics? Classical or contemporary? Upbeat or subdued? Throw in the fact that the options practically reach the point of infinity, and it’s easy to see why selecting ceremony music can lead to agonized decision-making for couples. Like with most things, when a couple finds themselves Read More

How to Pick Your Father-Daughter Dance Song

Picking THE song for your father-daughter dance can be a real head-scratcher. There are a lot of feels in the air that day. So do you go sentimental? Or do keep things fun and upbeat? We get it, it’s a difficult decision. So here are a few tips to help guide your song search. Step one: Pick your mood. Make this a joint decision with you dear old dad. Would you both rather jump around and get silly? Or would you like to keep it elegant and nostalgic? Settling on this will help narrow down your song options out there. Read More