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Top 10 Ways To Cut Alcohol Costs At Weddings

You’ve already booked your wedding caterer—congrats! Now comes the fun (and truly crucial) part: alcohol. Hosting an open bar at your wedding is a huge expense. On average, couples hosting a 200-person, four-hour wedding reception will spend upwards of $8,000 for a fully stocked open bar. If your jaw just dropped, know that ours did too when we first heard that astounding number. If you’re a couple on a budget (and aren’t we all?), don’t despair—there are plenty of awesome ways that you can cut alcohol costs without totally eliminating the booze. 1. Offer Signature Cocktails A fabulous way to personalize your drink selections while simultaneously managing bar costs is to offer one or two signature wedding cocktails in lieu of a full bar. Signature drinks allow you to get creative and add another layer of customization to your day, but more importantly, you’ll save tons of money while still giving your guests some liquor-y love. 2. Serve Only Beer and Wine Another alternative is to forego the hard stuff and serve only beer and wine at your …

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The Cost Of Wedding Catering: Plated Vs. Buffet Vs. Family Style

Deciding your wedding catering personality is a difficult task. Of course, you want to provide your guests with a meal that will leave them raving about your wedding food for years to come, but you also can’t break the bank. Your wedding is likely the first time you’ve ever had to think about catering such a large and important affair, and there are a lot of things to know—most importantly, what things cost. Keep in mind that wedding catering might be the most expensive part of the day: the reception is basically just one big dinner party. If you’re sourcing the food, cake, beverages, linens, silverware, and tables all from one caterer, then that could be a hefty price tag. But take a breath. It’s gonna be okay. Get comfortable with this idea now, so you don’t get sticker shock when you start to see numbers. There are typically three types of dinner service to choose from—plated, family style, and buffet—with plated meals usually being the most expensive and buffet usually being the least expensive. That being said, each style …