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The Perfect Table

Setting the perfect table can seem like a lost art thanks to new delivery services and takeout options cropping up everyday. Having said that, we’ve picked out our favorite pieces that will make your table look like a pro (even if the meal you serve comes straight from an app!) 

A Lesson on Styling Your Coffee Table

Looking to liven up your living room? Add that touch of color or personal style by dressing up your coffee table. It could be as easy as swapping out a few items, or adding a beautiful flower arrangement. Here are some ideas for how to turn that blank canvas into a work of art. Layer with A Tray Add a large tray to your coffee table. This will allow you to group all décor into a set region and leave the rest of the table open for use. Put your artistic pieces on top of the tray, layer books, and Read More

Wedding Tablescape Ideas To Inspire Your Table At Home

From the tiniest details like guest name cards to the big ones like color scheme and floral, we think wedding tablescapes are a truly stunning aspect of all the planning that goes into your big day. The only downside? You can only enjoy your wedding tablescape for one night! So, we asked the experts at Wedding Party for a few ways you can style these tabletop trends in the comfort of your newlywed home – so your big day last that much longer! Psst — we want to let you in on a little secret about weddings. Beautiful ceremonies and receptions are great for inspiring Read More

Winter White Table Ideas

No matter how much we keep wishing for warmer weather, the fact of the matter is we’re still deep in the throws of winter. To get through this particularly cold day, we decided to channel our energy into winter tablescape tips. Read up on the ways you can style your table with winter whites for the next time your entertain. 1. Set The Scene We recommend starting with the basics: white or neutral place settings. This way you can layer on fun accents. Our favorites range from this simple Denby China 4-Piece Place Setting to Lenox’s Shape 4-Piece Place Setting if you’re looking for Read More

Assemble Your Thanksgiving Buffet in 5 Easy Steps

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and while you’re prepping your food and welcoming guests, we’re here to help you setup your dinner. If you’re going for a casual, buffet style dinner, simply follow these easy steps to create the perfect Thanksgiving buffet. 1. Layer your linens Though an easy step to forget, lining your countertop or buffet table with linens is key to creating a complete look. Try starting with a tablecloth and adding placemats on top, where the serving trays will go, for a layered look that’s pleasing to the eye. Choose fall hues or stick with your personal taste. Read More

3 New Ways to Style with Floral

We love a simple bloom in a clear glass vase, but these days a few of our tastemakers have inspired us to try a little something different with seasonal blooms.  A couple things to try the next time you want to dress up your table: 1. Once Wed styled ice cubes with a burst of color.  They simply dropped the petals into the water and froze. 2. Jess Levin from Carats & Cake put a sprig of something fresh on her Canvas Home Dauville salad plate.  She chose rosemary, but we also love the look of lavender or sage. Do you Read More

The Fall Table You’ll Want To See

We have just as hard a time as most New Yorkers transitioning to cooler temps, and it’s a tough morning in the city.  That said, the fall colors keep us going.  We’re eyeing anything in mustard, burgundy, or sage greens right now, and this table, designed by Brittany from Brrch Flowers, is no exception.  All it takes is one awesome, lush arrangement to take your upcoming dinner to the next level or simply brighten a dreary fall morning.