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New on Zola: Exhale Fitness Classes and Spa Services

Attention, engaged couples: You can now add Exhale fitness classes and spa services to your Zola wedding registry. From engagement to post-honeymoon, Exhale has something for every step of your wedding. Fitness Class Packs Stay fit with your significant other, maid of honor, or entire wedding party with Exhale’s award-winning barre, cardio or yoga classes. Facials Give your skin a wedding-ready glow. From acne to sun damage, Exhale’s facial therapy addresses every skincare concern. Fusion Massage Treat yourself to a session of wedding-planning relaxation with curated sessions that help relieve pain and restore your body (and sanity). Bridal Boot Camp Calling all those brides shedding for the wedding… Choose from Exhale’s 6- and 12-week programs, both of which include a series of classes, facials, weekly check-ins and more that’ll leave you toned, tightened, and refreshed. Ready to add some Exhale goods to your registry? Edit Your Registry

Perks of Registering Early

Registering early is a blessing in disguise for those of you who are recently engaged. (Congratulations, by the way!) Right now you are most likely very, very overwhelmed. You have seemingly endless things on your plate, from nailing down a wedding date to returning phone calls from friends who heard the news on Facebook. Oh and you could also use a few moments to enjoy being engaged, too. Your to-do list is growing by the day so let’s get down to business – make sure you set up your wedding registry as soon as possible!

Unconventional Gifts

Certainly now more than ever before, couples are rewriting the rules for what to ask for on their wedding registries. It’s 2016 after all and with all the information out there, it’s hard to find guidance that doesn’t feel stuffy and dated. Here’s our list of some of the best unconventional gifts to add to your wedding registry that are the perfect mix of modern, cool and useful. Orbita Photo Display Frame Cherish all of your favorite memories together with this not-so-average picture frame. Its unique design lets you display your top four in a piece of art all on its own. Pro tip: it also doubles as a funky centerpiece. Carry On Cocktail Kit Start your honeymoon off with a kick by packing this TSA-approved Moscow Mule in your carryon. Aside from being the cutest set ever, it is guaranteed to get you feeling like vacation before you even buckle your seatbelt. Register for a few to make the plane ride fly by! Breakfast Tray For better or worse…or allergy season – that’s what this gift …

The Modern Registry

When it comes to your wedding registry, you can have it all – it’s 2016, people! We at Zola are all about the mix-and-match technique. Our ideal checklist includes a little bit of timelessness, some things super trendy, perhaps part of a down payment and even some charitable donations. These well-rounded picks are sure to make you and all of your guests happy, too. Timeless Classics Silverware, serving dishes and crisp linens are all staples of this category. Think of these as the items your Great Aunt most likely got for her wedding, too. You’ll have them forever and they never go out of style. Even if you aren’t sure you’ll need settings for 24 guests, start with a smaller number in a classic style so you can add on later, if the time ever comes. If not, you have enough for just you two and a few extra to account for all those kitchen accidents that built up over the course of a lifetime.    1. Invento 24-Piece Stemware Set – $150 2. Pewter Stoneware Octagonal Charger …

Outdoor Adventure

At Zola, we are huge fans of thinking outside the box when it comes to crafting the perfect wedding registry that fits your lifestyle as a couple. So if you’re ready for a lifetime of fun and adventures, this wedding registry list is for you. Inspired by the longer days and warmer temperatures, we’ve put together everything you’ll need for some outdoor adventures…finally!

Perfect Pastels

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Springtime. From spending a lot more time outside to our moods being noticeably better every day, we are welcoming this weather change with each scarf-less stride we take. For us at Zola, Spring marks the start of Wedding Season, so last-minute registry updates are on our minds, too. Give your wedding registry a fresh feel with our pastel picks that are sure to be the perfect seasonal touch.

Zola Townhouse x Homepolish

We sat down with Homepolish’s Justin DiPiero to talk about designing our interactive and immersive space – The Zola Townhouse, located at 43 Crosby Street in SoHo, NYC. And of course, we had to ask about his favorite Zola Townhouse picks. Read on and make sure to stop by our SoHo location to see for yourself! 

5 Things That Won’t Make Sense Until You Actually Register

1. It’s true. You need to register ASAP! When it comes to registering for your wedding, we say the earlier the better. Wedding gifts will start rolling in whether you are ready or not, so make your wedding registry a priority to ensure you actually get what you want. Plus, you’re about to be overwhelmed with questions, comments, and advice (often unsolicited) from everyone in your life, so the sooner your registry is out of the way, the more nuggets of info you’ll have to share with your friends and family! 2. You actually don’t have everything Despite your cupboards overflowing and shelves filled to the brim, when you register you’ll realize how much stuff you don’t have. For example, you’re going through your drawers and you realize you don’t have full sets of silverware + plates. Same goes for matching linen sets, even though you swear you had them at some point. Registering is the perfect time to take inventory of what you have, what you don’t, what you need, and what you can replace. When in doubt, add it to the registry! …

Winter Blues

It’s officially that time of the year where all we want to do is crawl back into bed and stay there until the temperatures hit 50 degrees again. But since jobs, family, pets and friends make that an impossible reality, let’s break the winter blues and cheer up with new picks of our favorite hue. Sendan Colors Dinner Plate, Set of 6 This patterned plate set is a must-buy for all those dinner parties you said you were going to have this winter. Or you can just eat take-out in style on these Japanese-made blue beauties and call it a night. Mohair Throw Curl up under this cozy mohair throw during those long winter nights on the couch. Drape it over the couch when you’re done for a pop of blue that will brighten up any room. AccessSteam Iron When the winter blues hit your closet too, this something blue brings your stale clothes back to life. One of the more practical wedding registry items, this steam iron will get way more use than that ice …