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Spring Cleaning

How does Spring Cleaning differ than just regular cleaning? We’re talking about an all-hands-on-deck organization overhaul where we break old habits, make new systems, disinfect and totally start fresh. To us, Spring Cleaning is less about daily chores and more about setting the tone for a seamless transition to summer so you know exactly where your shorts are and have the perfect spot to store your winter coat when the cold weather breaks. Having said that, we also encourage a major scrub down of all your corners, shelves and in-between spaces (you know the ones that we on-purpose forget to clean all year Read More

Storage 101

Pre and post wedding life means a lot of new… well, everything. Especially stuff. A lot of stuff. Your stuff, their stuff, shared stuff – and all of it needs a place to go. We’ve highlighted our favorite chic Storage 101 finds to give your new things a new home. Moorish Box This keepsake box fuses function and form, making it perfect for all the little things that matter most – think heirlooms, rings and birthday cards. So pick your favorite color, or even get all three. Daisy Place Snail Mail Tray Real mail is starting to feel so vintage, right? Place this letter tray Read More

Spring Cleaning Essentials

With the start of spring comes the annual tradition of a complete and thorough cleaning of your home. It’s time to get rid of clutter, dust off your shelves, and wash out all that set-in dirt. If you and your spouse are looking forward to spring cleaning as newlyweds (or just want to be prepared), here are some tips on where to begin and a few must-have registry items to get your home in tip-top shape for warmer weather. So, put on your favorite playlist, grab all of your cleaning supplies, and get started, together! Cleaning your Floors Spring cleaning means vacuuming everything, including carpets, Read More

A Guide to Organizing Your Spices

Spices liven up any dishes. They are an essential part of home cooking, yet many of us tend to have trouble managing them in our kitchen. We’ve all spent time organizing, and reorganizing, spices – from little jars, to plastic bags, or large bulky containers – we end up losing our way and rummaging around in cupboards when looking for the exact spice we need at any specific time. Here’s a quick 101 on organizing your spices – everything from what spices you should be keeping in your kitchen, some tips on how to store them, and a quick run-through Read More

Brighten Up Your Kitchen With a Colorful DIY Mason Jar Organizer

With spring just a few weeks away (hopefully), we’re taking every opportunity we get to think warm and bright. Thanks to POPSUGAR, we’ve got steps to making your own DIY mason jar organizers to keep your newlywed home colorful and clean – a little fun “spring cleaning” project, if you will… Looking for a fun and colorful way to organize your kitchen counter or desk space? This tutorial will show you how versatile canning jars can be as placeholders for some of the most used items around the home or office. I saw this adorable DIY and wanted to try Read More

12 Golden Rules of Decluttering

With the winter chill in the air, our routine has been to come home, kick off our boots, toss our bags on the floor, and plop right down on the couch the second we walk through the door. The result? Ultimate coziness but total clutter – i.e. stuff everywhere. So, we thought we’d turn to our friends at POPSUGAR to get their golden rules of decluttering your home and keeping it clean. Has your place been looking a little . . . clogged up lately? Well, it may be time to do a little cleaning up! However, if you’ve been following these rules below, you Read More

5 Steps to an Organized Home

There’s no better time than the present to declutter your home and turn it into the well-organized space you’ve always wanted. Why wait ’til spring when you have all this time inside, hiding from the cold. Organizing your home doesn’t have to be difficult. Just take it one step at a time and follow these instructions below. 1. Declutter First things first, get rid of all that junk. Go through one room at a time and purge it of all that clutter. You know, those pillows you haven’t touched in five years or that sweatshirt you still have from college. Create Read More